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About Patrice Loredo-Brandt

My name is Patrice and I am proud to be the owner and hairstylist at PJ Stylz in Stuart, Florida. Ever since I gave my collectors Barbie her first haircut (don’t worry, I’ve improved since then!), I knew that I wanted to cut hair. I graduated from IRSC Cosmetology and Barbering. I have been in the industry for 10 years now. I love my job because my clients are like family to me. I make my clients feel like guests when they enter my salon, and I love to make my clients feel like they are the only one in the room and give them the confidence in themselves! I have struggled with my curly hair for such a long time that I decided to specialize in taking care of curly haired clientele. I also love to color, cut, style and use relaxers! I work with all types of hair, male or female as well.


I love the relaxed environment, the one on one personal attention and no interruptions!!! My beautician/stylist was spot on!!! I will definitely recommend her!

Mary K Baier

I was very happy with everything and the conversation was so enjoyable!!

Angie Flores

I love her!! She makes me pretty again!!

Martha Lamarier

United States

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