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Summerlin Barber Shop along with its expert beauty care colleagues inside Sola salon studios is committed to serving you with the Quality of Services and Professional Salon Care Products that you deserve! Passion, Education and Care best describes the Experience of each visit! For decades, our objective has been to remain focused on the Client's Hair and Skincare needs. Through continued education from the leaders in our industry from around the world, our services mirror our mission. (Haircuts, Royal hot lather steam towel Shaves, Color, Scalp Massage, Hair and Scalp Treatments.) Senior citizens to the Young Social Trendsetter - customize any service to suit Your desire and budget! Men: When you're looking for a haircut, aren't you looking to have it done to reflect your Image or Personality? When is the last time that you treated yourself to a Royal hot towel aromatherapy shave? Are you looking to make a fashion statement, maybe Color Enhancement, or just want to keep the motor running on all cylinders? You are catered to and that's what we do best! So bring it on! Women: It's because of you that Continued Education remains top priority! With the fashion industry constantly updating itself, the Beauty Industry finds itself driving down the same road as they are complementary to one another. The quality and list of services that we provide keep Your agenda a priority! When was the last time that you scheduled a Consultation?! Professional Salon Care Products: Eufora and Eufora "Hero" for Men Gift Certificates - Customizable for any number of services or budget!

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