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I just wanted to take a moment and put it into writing how much I REALLY APPRECIATE you working on my right foot last spite of it's many issues. When I fired up "The Footmobile" early last week....the same day that I cooked my foot and almost electrocuted was with the intent of getting it thoroughly cleaned and softened up so I could work on it myself. In fact, the Footmobile was equipped with it's own little round pumice scraper, and I actually attempted to file that lower right-hand callous in the rear-corner of the right foot, but the angle had me twisted and contorted, so I opted to see if I could perhaps beg YOU into doing it. I'm not kidding, once I left your office and began walking down the hallway towards the exit, I could feel the relief that your work provided! It's amazing how much pain and discomfort simple things like callous' and cuts can inflict on a person. It's also amazing how much relief can be found by having a professional such as yourself address these problem areas. The fact that your services are as affordable as they are, and the fact that a person can receive so much "bang for his buck" in pain relief is astounding in this day and age. I'm exceedingly glad for the unlimited chocolates that are always on hand! All kidding aside....and I mean this.....THANKS big-time for opting to work on that right foot of mine. That's over and above the call of duty. You have no idea how much it's helped.

Joel Ewing

United States

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