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Priti Patel

Le Petit Spa

About Priti Patel

Priti Patel is one of the best if not the best esthetician in the Charlotte metro area. Award winning spa in Charlotte for Best Waxer, Facial and Esthetician. Priti's interest in beauty and skin care started like most young girls: trying out mommy's makeup and wonderfully fragrant lotions. From those roots I developed my love for the skin and have been an esthetician for many years. I educate all my clients in makeup techniques and proper skin care to all my clients.I specialize in many categories but some are facials, medical grade chemical peels, threading, waxing and mineral based makeup. I love my clients and always welcome new ones to my spa, so give me a call or visit my web sight to schedule an appointment. Have a beautiful day!

United States

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