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Rachel Goodman

Amethyst Colour Studio


"Rachel has been doing mine and my daughters hair for the last 10+ years. She is by far the greatest hairstylist /colorist out there. She's always been super helpful and talented, especially when you want something new and different. When my daughter wanted to color her hair purple, I knew there was no one else who would be able to do it but her. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome, warm, and talented Rachel is. There is no one else I will let touch mine or my daughter's hair. "

Tiffany M. and Lily B.

"I have been going to Rachel for over 10 years. There is no one else I would trust with my color more. She's a true perfectionist which I appreciate. I am very picky about my color and I like to stay in the same range. She gets it right every time. My hair is a combination of an ombré with a balayage which is not easy to attain and she does it flawlessly. The other thing I really love about how she does it, is that it lasts! My hair color never fades and looks awesome up until my next visit. She's the best you won't be disappointed."

Janelle T.

"I have been going to Rachel for more than 10 years. I am a natural dirty-blonde and had mistakenly gone nearly black and needed it fixed. Despite others attempts, she is the one who 'got me back to good.' She is a genius with color and an excellent stylist. I trust her implicitly and have never considered changing stylists since I found her."

Keri L.

"I think I must have been one of Rachel's first regular clients. I feel almost like I saw her grow into a wonderful woman and great stylist. I followed her on every new adventure and challenge she took on at different salons. She is always learning more about her profession and really keeping up with trends, etc. I think she does AMAZING color! And I have had quite a few! I don't go to anyone else."

Jenn T.

United States

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