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While I’m new to Scottsdale, I am far from new to the beauty industry. I’m in my fourth decade as a hair stylist- a fact which makes me experienced, not old; I have spent those 40 years based in and around the Boulder, Colorado area exploring the fields of beauty and fashion from a multitude of perspectives.

A mastery of hair cutting, hair color, and makeup artistry evolved into other exciting pursuits: esthetician, estheology instructor, product ingredient junkie, photo styling, video production, and even multiple levels of industry education.

I love hair. I love education. Mostly, I just love people.

The very fortunate person I am, I’ve always had the opportunity to work with awesome people sharing mega talent. I constantly seek out professionals to collaborate and work with to continue my mission of being the best I can at what I do.

I look forward to working with you!


Radine is the best! She first cut my hair in 1986 and her experience in the industry is invaluable. She's always learning and teaching the latest, greatest styles. My hair is extremely thin and she makes it look like I have a lot of hair

Sheryl Hadley

Before Radine I always used to fly from CO back to NYC to get my hair done. Well now that I live in Toronto Canada it looks like I'll be flying to AZ to get my hair done. Where ever she goes- I follow. Radine is well worth the airfare and more!

Pandora Richardson

What can I say about Rae. She cut my hair at age 5 and I never trusted anyone else again!! I wouldn't let anyone touch my tender head, but she was able to do it with grace and tenderness and I never turned back. What I think is the most amazing is how she's never once been out of touch with trends. I've been in the entertainment industry and the design industry and always have to be at least one step ahead of what's popular. Radine has never once faulted when styling my hair. Her expertise in color and mixing color is incredible. She won't streak unless you WANT streaks. My hair is always flawlessly colored with auburn, browns, blonds and even a touch of violet or blue just for fun:) It always looks natural and I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT!!!

Christa Lewis Moritz

Radine is incredible! My hair is super thick and course and she's always given me excellent advise on what to do and how to do it. She's so great at getting my color perfect and is super knowledgeable about the best products to use! Rae - I don't know what I'd do without you! Thank you for your expertise and passion for always being on the cutting edge!

Gina Saraceni

There aren't enough stars! To be around Radine, even before she gives you a makeover is an uplifting experience. Then when she works on you and addresses every difficulty and issue you have with your hair to help you find your best you - it's just a wonderful experience!

Laine Dakin

Start with the fresh cutting cape, to the pre-cut wash, to the warm steam towel for the duration of the message, to the meticulous cut, to removing any loose hair before styling, to finishing with the final style... Rae's professionalism and attention to detail is first class and makes Rae my first, best, and only choice for a cut and style. On top of this, her chair is always fun, friendly, and a warm experience. I leave a better feeling and looking version of myself!

Randy Owen

Radine is the only person I would trust my hair with! She is a pure magician with the scissors and hair color. She takes her time and listens to everything you have to say and gives you what you want. I get stopped all the time asking me who does my hair. Also a plus is that she is one of the most wonderful, kindest people out there. Don't hesitate to book with Radine!

Candace B.

Can't say enough good things about Radine. I refused to have a haircut for almost two years until I could see her. She understands the whole persons look with regard to shaping and styling. Her canvas is your head and her brush is her scissors.

Paula Ruby

Radine has been cutting my hair for over 20 years. She listens to what I want and helps me get there. I love that she is still on top of the latest hair and makeup trends and is never afraid to push the envelope. Most importantly I trust her!

Frank Matson - Citizen Pictures

Radine is an incredibly talented educator and artist! She uses only the highest quality products that photograph really well. She is very skilled in many areas including skincare, professional makeup artistry, and hair. I highly recommend her you will be very pleased!

Jessica Brock

United States

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