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Hi I'm Antonietta, but please call me Toni! At Vita Nova Massage which translates to "New Life", I create a relaxation and treatment oriented plan that caters to you.The type of touch I provide is to help the heal the body and soothe the mind and I achieve this by massaging with passion. No session is ever exactly the same. I pay attention to what you are saying verbally and to what your body is saying by focusing on your breathing and to your muscles contracting and releasing. From there, I can adjust the technique, pressure, and pace to your level of comfort.

People at first underestimate my strength because of my height and small frame, but I assure you, that if you ask for firm pressure or deep tissue, you will get exactly that!



I definitely recommend getting a massage from her. I'm in love. When and if you ask for deep tissue, she does her best and you always leave with a smile. More relaxed after I leave. She's able to find all the knots on my back and legs; I really appreciate her massages.

Andrea Lemley-Prouty

Had the most amazing massage by Toni! Highly recommend her!

Alicia Curtis-Webster

United States

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