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Randi McDowell

Hair By Randi

About Randi McDowell
I've been in the beauty industry for 18 years! I love what I do I've been in a larger upscale salon for half my career, then the second half of my career I went to a smaller scale salon that grew fast. I enjoyed every bit of meeting new people and experiencing different salon atmospheres for my client's and I. Now I look forward to having more space and quiet one on one with my lovely clientele! I love making every single client feel special and giving them undivided attention! I love building relationships with them as well. I have met some amazing people through this career! I want to create a salon atmosphere that is relaxing and peaceful. I want my client's to feel number one when they walk in and be comfortable being themselves. I've gone to education classes in New York City. That was so interesting that was at the beginning of my career being from a small country town then going to New York City! I've had education classes in Indianapolis as well! I keep up with my hair education on the regular. Locally I will go to education classes as well to keep up with all the new trends and give me motivation to bring to my clients! I am a mother of two and wife and love connecting with other families. Book your next appointment with me on StyleSeat. It's super easy! #styleseat #bookme
United States

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