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About MiMi

My interest in the beauty field started at a very young age. I remember owning my own miniature beauty salon when I was just 3 years old. By the time I was 17, I knew that this love that I had for doing hair wasn't going anywhere, as it was still with me.

While finishing up my last year in high school, and maintaining a 3.8 GPA, figuring out what I was going to do next was heavily on my mind. The thought of going to college didn’t burn inside of me nearly as much as my passion for hair did. However, everything & everyone around me was telling me college was the next step. It was my mom that noticed how ambivalent I had become about my future.

I was thinking that a career in beauty wouldn’t be lucrative. That was a conditioned belief that I had developed through the years from our society. It wasn’t until my mom brought up hair school that I even felt that it was a worthy choice. “Going to a school that nurtures a passion of mine instead of going to a traditional school that prepares me for the work force that I don’t particularly care for? ABSOLUTELY!” That was an easy choice for me to make.

I went on to schedule a tour of the hair school of my choosing. Now three years later, not only am I done with hair school, but I’ve also transitioned from being a Salon Assistant, to a Salon Professional, to an Assistant Salon Leader, to a General Salon Leader & also a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor. And all before the age of 21! Beauty has been my love & passion my entire life. Thank you for joining me on my journey. Welcome to Love, Passion, Hair!



MiMi was amazing! She was gentle and quick while doing my silk press. I felt comfortable and LOVE my hair.


The stylist Mimi is fantastic! She took my hair from blah to bomb. Will definitely be going back


Mimi always does a great job and my daughter always loves her hairstyles!


Mimi is great! She does beautiful braids and they do not hurt AT ALL which is big for us tender headed folks! She is kind and flexible as well.


Mimi is so gentle, gets the hair done and looking fabulous. May the Almighty continue to bless and guide you in all your goals. Love the hairstyle.


I'm loving my butterfly locs!!!


Ms. Mi Mi is an excellent stylist. She is very polite and professional. She takes her work seriously and does an outstanding job. I can't wait to come back.


Enjoyed my appointment! Mimi was very professional and knowledgeable. I will be returning


Very professional! Got right in the chair.…


It was immaculate. Really love the style and the vibe of the place of business. Highly recommend