Ms. Keon

Hair by Ms. Keon


Ms. Keon does amazing work. Not only does she make your hair look beautiful, she truly loves hair and promotes healthy practices. I am natural and my hair never looked better or grew so fast before her!


Ms. Keon delivers EVERY SINGLE TIME! She is open to your wants and thoughts but always gives her PROFESSIONAL, honest opinion. I get compliments every time I leave her and I love that for her and me! Oh—she also is ALL about healthy hair FIRST, which is an additional plus! 10 out of 10 would recommend!


The one and only hair stylist to touch me, my wife, my little brother and sons hair. Extra professional and really dedicated to you as an individual no cap. You know we rockin with you Keon from the beginning of the journey to the end.


Keon is a very knowledgeable and skilled stylist. She takes great care of her clients and takes extra special care with the healthiness of her clients hair. I’ll always be a customer of Keon!