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Patrick Maloy

U. Defining Hair Moments

About Patrick Maloy
With a wide range of skills acquired from continued education, Patrick Maloy enjoys creating anything from business professional to wild rockstar. He has also mastered the art of “subtle drama” for the business professional with the heart of a rockstar. Creating hair that compliments his clients’ personalities and lifestyles is his biggest priority. Patrick is an American Board Certified Haircolorist who continually seeks out quality education when it comes to learning skills that provide clients solutions to their any and all of their hair challenges. A “Jack of all Hairs” (and scared of none), Patrick is a very well-rounded stylist who can work with all textures of hair, and offers an array of different services. Although there is not much he can’t do, when situations arise he is always honest and says I don't know when he's stumped. However, that just turns to an opportunity to expand his craft and work with the client to find a solution. American Board Certified Haircolorist Certified in Keratin Complex Smoothing Systems Certified in HairTalk Extension Wella Color Here at U. (Defining Hair Moments) I believe the most important thing is to be of service to my clients. It's as important for you to get to know your stylist as it is for me to get to know you. By building this relationship and trust with one another, it lays a foundation in which a co-creative partnership can be developed and kept. It's all about U. Well, at least that's how Patrick Maloy feels it should be. When did the service industry become all about manipulation and gain? Being a stylist for about 13 years now, Patrick decided it's time to put the service back into the service industry. As an American Board Certified Hair Colorist and an avid seeker of education, he plans to create an honest and sustainable foundation on which stylists can implement their own artistic flare. The goal is to aid in the translation of peoples' lives into suitable options when it comes to expressing themselves through their hair. Patrick also seeks to provide clients and stylists with honest information about hair that has been acquired through research, education, experience and good old-fashioned hard work.

Patrick knows magic. I recently moved out of the DC area and try to come see Patrick when I am in town. He is talented and really knows how to color perfectly.

Suman M.

I've been going to Patrick since about 2006 and have been absolutely happy with my hair every time I see him. Every time we seem to be able to outdo our last hair design and his hair coloring skills are second to none. I get stopped on the street all the time by people commenting and complementing my hair. I'm currently sporting purple/green and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend Patrick for all your hair needs, but especially his hair coloring. There is nothing he can't make happen.

Janine K.

I have deeply curly hair that's thick. For some reason that's hard to find stylists who do it well. (If I didn't put on some conditioner, it'd be a big frizzy ball.) I've been going to Patrick since 2011 or 2012. That's a huge record for me. Normally the first couple cuts are good and then when they aren't focusing as much, the cuts are terrible. Instead with Patrick, the cuts are consistent. They work for me. One evidence is since going to him, people complement my hair all the time. By people, I mean random strangers in checkout lines. I think I gave a couple people his contact information.

C B.

Patrick is the best stylist I've ever had. I'm a woman of color and he knew about the special needs of my hair. He bleached and colored it without drying or damaging it. He new how to cut and work with my grade of hair. Best of all he really listened to what I wanted and made suggestions on shades and tones to make me look even better. All in a relaxing yet professional atmosphere. He is also perfectly comfortable relaxing snd/or coloring processed hair. He is well trained in all hair types. Much better experience than I've ever had at Ronky or Textures

Casey G

United States

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