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Hali Owens

Studio 26

About Hali Owens
I am a hairstylist, a daughter to two supportive and loving parents, a wife to an amazing husband, a mother to a beautiful little boy named Hank, a horse, two dogs, a cat, two goats and of course a friend to many. I started my journey with Sola after spending two and a half years at Garbo's. During my time there, I earned the position of Tech Educator, where I taught newly graduated hairstylist and helped prepare them for their amazing journey ahead! I became experienced in women's and men's hair cutting, coloring, extensions, and facial waxing. Education is my best friend and with it, I will never stop growing! Before I became a stylist, I earned a Bachelors degree in Equine Animal Science at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Besides hair, horses are passion. My Mom is a hairstylist and I had always wanted to follow in her footsteps but I also saw a college degree in my future. After college, when I thought about what I could do for a living that would never feel like work, becoming a Hairstylist was calling my name! So here I am! I would love for you to come and experience what it is like to be in my chair!
United States

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