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Khadijah Howard Pambo


About Khadijah Howard Pambo
The beauty business is a billion dollar industry, in part, because it is powerful to be able to transform someone into their own kind of beautiful. It is a few rare careers that you work with someone on such an intimate level with the ability to change how the world sees them, and more importantly, how they see themselves. DJ Howard Beauty was created to give clients greater access to her expertise and unique talents. Whether it’s the latest color, cut or image consulting, DJ has the beauty solutions you need. Your event needs an artist or creative director for your photoshoot, commercial, hair, or fashion show? DJ has you covered. She continues to work with clients in Atlanta, Washington DC, and New York. My entire career has been about educating and empowering others to grow. By establishing my brand, DJ Howard Inc. , I am empowering myself so that I can continue to grow. DJ Howard Beauty is about me helping my clients tell their stories. Whether their perception of beauty is organic, lived-in, or a glam slay from the gods, I want my clients to have the freedom to be themselves, achieve growth, and live their best lives. With DJ Howard Beauty they can.
United States

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