Ryan Sanger

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About Ryan Sanger


"The first thing you notice about Ryan is his enthusiasm. You feel like you are in the right place, the right chair and with the right person. The ease in which he deciphers what you want from all the varying words we use: Light but dark here, light but not golden, but not ash. Let’s face it we confuse most stylists, but Ryan listens, hears you and makes your dreams come true." -Kiara Bailey, Client

"Ryan is a WIZARD of hair. I was looking for the perfect colorist and Ryan goes above and beyond expectations. Not to mention, a genuine soul who truly cares about his clients."

Sarah D, Client

"Ryan is a one-of-kind genuine, soul who is an uber talented hair stylist that will give you hair for days. You will never feel more beautiful as you will after Ryan puts his magic Picasso hands on your hair."

Katie W, Client