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Sonig Guerboian

Salon Sonig

About Sonig Guerboian
Master Hair Stylist Sonig Guerboian is the owner of Salon Sonig located in beautiful Brentwood, California. With over 25 years of experience and knowledge in the beauty and hair industry, Sonig Guerboian offers a relaxing setting with an inviting and warm welcoming. With her very friendly personality and an absolute dedication to professionalism and organization, Sonig Guerboian will work diligently and will listen to all of your hairstyle needs and concerns. Sonig Guerboian does hair for all ages, from children to the elderly and everyone else in between. Sonig Guerboian is fluent in four languages ranging from English, Armenian, Arabic and French. Sonig Guerboian specializes in all aspects of hair styling including sets of color and cut, highlights along with a speciality in Brazilian blowouts. Salon Sonig also offers products for sale for all of your hair style needs. Sonig Guerboian will satisfy all of your hair style needs with her experience and engaging personality. You will truly enjoy every moment you spend at Salon Sonig.

A testimonial from the owner herself regarding her experiences in the hairstyle industry and her time at Sola Salon Studios. My name is Sonig Guerboian and I have been in the hairstyle industry for over 25 years. I have seen many salons and people in my time, but I have to say working at Sola Salon Studios has changed my life. It is truly a wonderful place to work. The vibe and energy of the Sola brings positivity and joy to my life and to my clients lives. Sola Salon Studios is a game changer. Empowering each hair stylist to be their own boss and allowing them to conduct their business in their very own personal way. Since joining Sola over 3 years ago I have enjoyed coming to work every day and I make sure my clients are 100% satisfied with the job I've done to make them look and feel their very best. You don't survive in this industry for over 25 years without understanding how it works, yet being respectful to each individuals wants and needs. I have an impeccable reputation in the Brentwood and Los Angeles area. Ask around and see all the positive things that will be said about Salon Sonig. My goal is to give you a wonderful experience every time you step foot into my salon. I take my craft very seriously, but I do it in a loving way that makes my clients smile from ear to ear every time they see me. So give Sola Salon Studios and myself a chance to do your hair today. You will be very happy that you made the choice of Salon Sonig.

Sonig Guerboian , Los Angeles, CA

I have been going to Sonig Guerboian for over 10 years. As a young man living in Los Angeles making sure my hair is on point is very important. Sonig Guerboian always welcomes me with a warm heart and her dedication to making sure my haircut is perfect is truly remarkable. She will work tirelessly until the client is 100% satisfied with their hair. I truly recommend giving Sonig Guerboian an opportunity because you will be very happy with her expertise in hair. She truly lives by her salons motto of giving you a hair design for the modern look.

S. Bayrakdarian, Los Angeles, CA

Sonig Guerboian is a constant professional who gets the job done right every time. I have been going to Sonig for a few years now and I have to say she is truly wonderful at what she does. She washes and cuts my hair with love every time. In these crazy times we live in I always look forward to my appointment with Sonig because it truly gives me the time to relax and unwind. No matter what is going on in the world today I can always rely on Sonig being there for me. I highly recommend giving Salon Sonig an opportunity. You will not be disappointed with Sonig Guerboian and the services she provides to the clients she loves.

A. Jovanovich, Marina Del Rey, CA

I am in a profession where I have to look my best at all times. I have to say that Sonig Guerboian makes sure of that every time I see her. She is the very best at what she does, hands down, no questions asked. I have been going to Sonig for over 10 years now, and she truly is a good person who makes me feel great every time I see her. Her smile lights up the room and her dedication to her craft is unmatched. Salon Sonig is your very own personal one on one hairstyle dream factory. Anything is possible at Salon Sonig and she will make sure of that every time you see her. You will leave Salon Sonig feeling better than ever, every time you visit. I highly recommend giving Sonig Guerboian the opportunity to do your hair. You will be very happy that you did.

D. Olmsted, Santa Monica, CA

Sonig is the very best at what she does. She has been cutting my hair for over 10 years and I love my hair more and more every time I see her. Your hair is everything and you are in good hands when you go to Sonig. She gets your hair down to every aspect to ensure that every measure is met with precision and detail. Sonig Guerboian is fully capable of getting the job done and I highly recommend you give her an opportunity to do your hair. You will be very happy with Salon Sonig and you will be very excited to return once again.

T. Blain, Santa Monica, CA

I highly recommend Sonig. She is an artist with scissors! I have trusted Sonig with my hair for many years-cutting, coloring, long or short styles. She does it all beautifully. You will love her and the way she does your hair!

M. Sullivan, Orange County, CA

Sonig Guerboian is not only my hairstylist, she is also a friend. I have been going to Sonig for years for a bevy of reasons. From standard blow drys to Brazilian Blowouts. Sonig is truly a master at her profession. She is great to have a conversation with and has a very open mind. I truly appreciate that about her. A salon is a girls best friend and every time I walk into Salon Sonig I am truly comfortable with my surroundings. She will do a great job no matter what mood you are in and is always understanding of any situation. I highly recommend giving Sonig Guerboian an opportunity to do your hair. You will not regret it, and you will be very happy that you did!

A. Sonia, Beverly Hills, CA

I have known Sonig since I was a little girl. Sonig has been doing my hair along with my mother's hair for a very long time. My mother still goes to her and is very happy with the services provided by Sonig. I am all grown up now but one thing is for certain and that is getting my hair done by Sonig. I travel often for my work and for leisure, so whenever I am home in California I stop by to get my hair done by Sonig. She has been so kind to me and my family for many years. She is truly a genuine person and she will always work hard to make sure the job is done right. I highly recommend you give Sonig a chance to do your hair. You will fall in love with your hair and Salon Sonig!

M. Inadomi, Hollywood, CA

You know why you should go to Sonig for your haircut?! Cause she'll turn you into a prince! I've been getting my haircut with her practically my entire life. Not only cause she's my aunt, but she does a damn good job for men's hair. She's a master at her craft! I am pretty finicky about my hair and she always gets it right. There are a bunch of certifications on the wall she's received over the years for women's hair styling too. I guess those are important if you care for that sort of thing. Her new location at Sola Salon is great and easy to park. I've seen a bunch top notch attorneys from her building visiting her, so you know she's legit. Call her!

A. Guerboian, Santa Monica, CA

Sonig is a great hair stylist who listens to her clients demands! She can do any hairstyle, cut or color all at a reasonable price. She's very nice, friendly and easy to talk to. I live on the east coast and when I'm in LA, I always go see Sonig!

L. Raff, New York City, NY

United States

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