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Brow Artistry creates beautiful, natural looking brows that enhance your face.  We only use cruelty free products and the highest quality, one-use tools.  We are pleased to offer free parking in a lot right next to our studio, so you can kick back, relax and enjoy your service!  Established in 2017, we are always advancing the art and experience of non-machine, hand-drawn artistry.  I'm incredibly proud to be a Certified PhiBrow Artist, and have two additional certifications, Harmony Artist and World of Microblading Artist.

Your face is the first thing we all notice, and the eye area tells us how you’re feeling, if you take care of yourself, and what’s going on in your life and world.  I encourage each of you to prioritize yourself and make that appointment.  Together we’ll discuss your goals and yes, we can make amazing things happen together.  I’m thrilled to be a PhiBrows Certified Artist and a World of Microblading Certified Artist.  My family is in healthcare so sanitization, cleanliness, and OCD is in my blood.  You won’t find a more pristine studio.  You may find yourself asking for career advice and I will happily provide it, as I have over 20 years coaching in a high tech corporate, leadership environments.  I look forward to meeting you and working together to facilitate the best you!

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