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Shannon Franco

About Bella Brows Microblading

I’m passionate about brows. I had never had brows until I microbladed them on. They bring your whole face together, adding the finishing touch. I do not wear a lot of make up so the brows are just what I needed so I do not have to have my face all done to look gorgeous!

I could not

be happier to share this procedure with everyone. I have seen women and men leave in such amazement. I love my career in the beauty business. It’s forever changed my world.


I'm so excited for my friend Shannon Franco! She just opened her own Microblading boutique! Shannon has done my eyebrows and they look AMAZING! If you're thinking about having yours done, check her out. I love my new brows!!

Christine Rice

I’m a male who had my brows done by Bella Brows Salon. My eyebrows were patchy and short. Shannon made them look full and added ends to lengthen them. I’m in my 50’s and I couldn’t believe how many people noticed a difference. They all said how I looked so much younger. My wife made this appointment for me. And I’m glad she did. Thanks Shannon for taking time to discuss procedure and make my brows look masculine and shaped.

Cresel Nicolas

I had over plucked my brows and they were thin and in some spots bald. Shannon filled them in and they look so natural and full. Just like my youth. They look great and match my own hair. It was a great experience from start to finish. Thanks Bells Brows! ;)

Brianna Martinez

United States

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