Shannon Ricketts

Muse Salon

About Shannon Ricketts
I have been in this industry for 21 years. Hair has always been a passion of mine that has never left. I did a small stint of my career at Tricho's hair salon. While there I was sent to Tigi's Hair Academy in New York. It has been amazing working with some of the top professionals in this Industry. Here at Muse we are fond of many product lines and will use and retail all of them. Most of my education and the biggest part of my career was spent with the B.A.D girls at Brown and Deline Salon.Thanks to the owner of Brown and Deline I was taught dream BIG or go home! I am excited to branch out on my own and share my skills with my clients. I take pride in teaching my clients about products, showing them how to use them, and teaching them how to recreate styles at home. I love being challenged and getting clients to try new things. In this industry style changes just like life, FAST! From seeing the new style of bangs in US magazine to the new in season color you'd seen on your favorite actress in the movie you watched last Friday. Style is everywhere and it's important for me to stay up on the latest trends, or to be able to show you how to just wear your natural beauty. So come check out Muse Salon and let Me inspire YOU!