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About Shawonda Edwards

Shawonda has over 20 years’ experience in the haircare and beauty industry, and has a true passion for hair design. She specializes in maintaining healthy hair (by using protective styling techniques), weaves, silk press, Brazilian blowouts, up-does and creating hair designs to fit your lifestyle. Serenity Hair Design is an upscale salon inspired by Shawanda’s desire to make everyone feel more beautiful, one person at a time by touching hearts and hair.


Hi my name is Rose and I have known Sis Shawanda for quite some time, we go way back like Church sisters and Shawanda has been doing my hair for many many years. I don't know anyone who can do hair as good as Shawonda she is the best! people ask me everywhere I go, because I travel a lot they ask "who did your hair ",and I have to tell them Miss Shawada girl, Miss Shawanda. Not only can she do hair but she is a Christian who loves the Lord, who is anointed to do hair. She does any style. What a beautiful young Woman of God. Thank you Sis Shawanda. I love you and may God continue to Bless you.


United States

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