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About Shelbey Tharpe
Shelbey is the creator and owner of Boja Hair in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Step inside her studio and enjoy a laid back and private atmosphere, a solid play list, and a hot cup of French pressed coffee. Your consultation comes next. Shelbey loves to collaborate with her guests on styles that feel fresh, lovely, and practical for at-home styling habits. After choosing something for your look, it's your turn to relax. Shelbey will get going on her work. Prepare to learn a thing or two while you're there. She will explain what she's using, how best to care for your look, and answer any questions that you may have. She offers global color, foiling, balayage hand painting, and hair cutting for women & men along with facial waxing and texture services. Enjoy a chat, a relaxing head massage, and a little down time. Shelbey stays inspired by attending regular hair classes around the country and online. She has 12 years in the business and became a studio owner in 2016. When Shelbey isn’t in the studio, you might find her in an art class or her painting studio, cooking something delicious (probably soup), walking with her husband and dog in the city, reading, or heading for the woods. She lives with her awesome husband, dog, and two cats in Lawrenceville. To reserve your session, text or call 724-714-7533 or visit her online booking page at where you will find more information and guest reviews. Thanks for stopping by!

Shelbey has been styling my hair for nearly ten years. In that time, she has taught me so much about how to care for my hair to ensure maximum health. Not only is she a lovely person and an excellent conversationalist, but she also spends each session working to provide me with a cut that works for my lifestyle. When I tell her that I want a "Zooey Deschenel meets Alanis Morisette" look, she knows how to execute the style so that it is flattering for my hair texture and face shape. It is evident that Shelbey is an expert in her field, as she continually seeks out professional development opportunities. Even more, she genuinely cares about her customers and works to create a positive space. Her new salon offers such a relaxing and modern vibe. My sessions with her are always so restorative and refreshing. Although the very best reason why I choose Shelbey is that when I leave, my hair looks incredible and styles beautifully.

Ashley C.

This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had when getting my hair cut—numerous times before it felt rushed when discussing what I would like done with my hair and often I wouldn’t completely like the outcome. Shelbey really wanted to understand what I meant and it was easy to talk with her about what I liked, disliked, how I took care of my hair, etc. I’m definitely coming back and making it a point to be a regular with her.

Julia Stygar

Great stuff.

John Bass

It was such a comfortable setting in Shelbey’s studio. Her coffee was amazing, my balayage is amazing...and to top off the whole experience, the warm towels and shampoo were Aaaamazing!!! Highly recommend!! 🙌💗


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