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Welcome to my page. I'm Siobhan, I've worked in the industry for many years and in many atmospheres with some talented hair stylists. I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist who went to school at Leons, which offered me a great platform to begin my journey. I not only completed cosmetology school but a Barber Program at Potters, this was a great way to not only learn the other side of my industry but meet some incredibly talented barbers.

I love that it's an industry where you can continually learn, so I can share my knowledge with my clientele.

I am Goldwell Color Specialist! This was a great opportunity to learn the chemistry behind formulation and get an In-depth understanding of Goldwell products.

They are always evolving and have many ways to do so with them.

I'm a woman of Christ blessed in many ways. I love to be the light in another's life looking at each appointment as a divine appointment. This smaller setting allows me to connect with others on a more personal experience.

Anyone who has sat in my chair knows my passion runs deeper then hair, I love to uplift others and walk along side them in times of need or enjoy in the happy moments in their life.

If you pass by my salon and I'm in a session, my door is closed, then I'm in a zone.  But, if the door is open please stop by. I would love to chat and hopefully get an opportunity to play in your hair.

Being a mom I understand not every child loves the hair salon but I enjoy doing their hair, if you have a child who is extra sensitive or has sensory issues don't worry I've worked with many kids and can patiently work with yours.

Have a blessed day hope to see you soon!

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