Tasha Vance

Serenity LLC


Tasha is hands down the best stylist I have ever seen. Upon seeing her for the first time 6 years ago, she was upfront and honest with me about my hair and was concerned with not only making sure I was satisfied, but that my hair remained healthy and vibrant. This has not changed in the least in the full 6 years that I have known her. Every time I'm in her chair, her primary concern is making sure she is delivering the best service possible. Tasha's clients are her family. And her gift to the world really is her art. Not only is she a beautiful person who cares about the client as a whole person, but she is extremely good at what she does. I am a lifetime client for sure.

Allison Tippy

I first went to Tasha about 7 years ago on the recommendation of a friend after I box dyed my hair and turned it orange. Thankfully Tasha was able to fix my color and much of the damage I had done, saving my nice long hair. Over the years she has helped me change styles to match my mood; from short & sassy to long and layered with many different colors along the way. She's a color wiz which is super fun! If I don't have a specific style in mind, I fully trust her when I say "Go for it, you can do whatever you want," and it always ends up great. Our whole house is eagerly awaiting the COVID restrictions to end so we can make our next appointments with our friend Tasha!

Christi Jenkins

Tasha is absolutely wonderful! She’s skilled and willing to do fun things! My hair has been every length from a short pixie to a long bob since I’ve begun seeing her and any color from blonde to pink and everywhere in between. Tasha is willing to try new things and she ALWAYS does them well! I love giving Tasha creative freedom with my hair because that’s when I walk out feeling the best. She knows exactly what will compliment your face and coloring and she’ll tell you if something is a little risky. The best part about seeing Tasha is that she worked to make my hair healthy and kept it that way no matter what color (even with an extreme color change)! She’ll answer questions honestly and she’s happy to teach you about your hair! I love my appointments with Tasha. I look forward to them every time! I currently drive an hour to see her due to a move. I won’t let anyone else touch my hair and she brings a smile to my face everything I talk to her! Definitely have Tasha do your hair- you will not regret it!

Ann-Marie Brummett