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About Tiffany Wilkinson

Licensed cosmetologist of 20 years. I take pride in delivering excellent work as well as great service to ALL clients. Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal. 

Your experience awaits you! See you soon!!!


"Tiffany is great at whatever she is asked to do with a persons hair. I love my hair, thx Tiffany?"

Sharday S.

"Tiffany slays and has an overall good vibe, she's mad cool, and definitely knows what she's doing! What are y'all waiting for?!....#GoGetSLAYED ?????"

Jaelyn M

"Tiffany is absolutely the best hair stylist. Always professional is always willing to build a rapport with our clients. Lots of laughter in the shop great environment for women by Tiffany station. She's just the best so please book an appointment at StyleSeat for Tiffany Wilkinson. You won't regret it!"

Alicia H.

"She is very professional, courteous & I've never had any issues with her! She is my #1 stylist & I recommend her to many!"

Shanelle R.

"My daughter loves her hair can't wait till Saturday so you can hook me up SHE'S THE BEST STYLIST IN ROCKFORD TO ME"

Rimeka T.

"My hair stood out, I am very pickey about my hair I have to have my hair perfectl Tiffany does great work I received multiple compliments an personnelly I'm extremely happy I found her now I don't have to drive to Chicago anymore ,she is great at Wat she does"

Karen I.

"A hair experience with Tiffany is like a celebrity experience. When you get up from her salon chair you feel absolutely fabulous! That's how you want to feel leavimg any hair salon. Thank you Tiffany for all that you do for your clients!"

Alicia H.

United States

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