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Brows by Tilza

Tilza Rizzo-Caceres

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Studio 31
At Sola Salons Merrick Park
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Locations / merrick-park / Brows by Tilza

Brows by Tilza

Tilza Rizzo-Caceres

Tilza has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years as a makeup artist in New York and Florida. During her makeup career she has always had a great eye for eyebrows and felt a balanced eyebrow is essential to beautiful makeup.

In Palm Beach, Tilza opened a makeup shop where her brow work gained recognition from local Palm Beach magazines and Lucky magazine. Soon thereafter, Tilza began to work for Anastasia Beverly Hills in Nordstrom as an Eyebrow Artist. Tilza's passion for eyebrows and excitement at the prospect of working for an iconic brand gave her immediate success at Nordstrom where she became their number one Eyebrow Artist in the country.

A few years later, after having gained a huge following, Tilza decided to venture out to the prestigious Biltmore Hotel/Spa and created The Brow Room. Keeping up with the latest trends in the industry Tilza went to New York to train in Microblading with world renowned Nadia Afanaseva. In 2022, Tilza decided to step out on her own by launching her Brow Studio at the beautiful Shops at Merrick Park.

Today, Tilza is one of Miami's most sought after Eyebrow Artists with recognitions from Allure Magazine and TimeOut Miami. Tilza’s continued growing clientele is attributed to always finding their true balanced brows.

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