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My adventure in the hair industry began in 1998 and it’s been an incredible one at that.  I was fortunate to start my career with an Aveda salon which offered me advanced education in New York, London, Chicago and more.  This path then brought me to a Redken salon, allowing me to work with their incredible products while helping host the Monday Morning Makeovers on Fox 11.  I then decided that being an independent stylist was my next route to take and it’s given me many opportunities over the past several years.  I’ve enjoyed working with products such as Kevin Murphy, Unite, Color Proof, Bare Minerals Make up and Paul Mitchell.   I’ve always embraced a modern esthetic with being edgy and adventurous.  But, I’ve grown to LOVE the classics because simplicity and a timeless style are just as amazing as any new trend.  I’m excited by each and every service I offer because I LOVE what I do.  And, with almost 2 decades in this industry, I’m still inspired to learn, grow and cannot wait for more!

My name is Todd Crapser.  I am always true to myself, honest, upfront and open with each and every guest.  As a hair stylist/ make up artist, I am unique.  My work, technique and style will never be like anyone else’s, but that’s what makes me an artist... I am BOLD and strive to be the best at everything I do.  

Ultimately, BOLD HAUS is all about my guests... it’s about YOU.   Getting the look and style you want with the ability to recreate it yourself is what we will do together.  Loving what you see when you leave my chair and what you see in the mirror at home is always my goal.  I want to take that unique person YOU are on the inside and let it shine on the outside. 

So this is my open invitation for you to sit in my chair here at BOLD HAUS Studio and let’s create something AWESOME!


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