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Tr3y has been mastering the craft of designing and coloring hair since 1994.   She is a proud self proclaimed "hair nerd" with insatiable desire for education and inspiration, she has traveled and attended many shows, seminars and conferences far and wide.   Most recently, attending The American Board of Certified Colorist conference in LA and is currently studying to take the ABCH board certified exam, which is a comprehensive in depth study of haircolor from a chemistry stand point.    Tr3y specializes in hair color in a wide spectrum from a whisper to a scream, whether it is recreating beautiful natural colors to painting in technicolor, with always the integrity and health of your hair in mind.   She is always researching the newest and healthiest product options on the market.  Known for her gift of seeing internal beauty and designing a style that best compliments and expresses her guests.   A real renaissance  artist.   In her spare time she enjoys painting, flow arts, nature, architectural design and community work.

United States

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