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About Viki Ferreira

Viki is a licensed esthetician and has over six years of experience in the beauty industry. During those six years she has gained a lot of knowledge in the art of full body waxing. She truly strives to make her guests feel as comfortable as possible while getting the service done thoroughly and quickly. She has been told that while she is very quick, she never makes her guests feel rushed. She always ensures her guests leave her studio happy with their wax session.

While Viki has enjoyed working for a big name beauty company, she was ready to start her own business. She wanted to be her own boss and put her own touch of beach vibes on her studio. She spent some time in Hawaii and fell in love with it. She was always relaxed and comfortable living by the beach, so she decided to put her own touch of paradise into her waxing studio. Viki wants all of her guests to experience that relaxed and laid back vibe as she did during her time spent on the islands.

Even though Viki wants her guests to feel welcomed and comfortable in her wax studio, she is also very big on taking care of her guests needs. She always makes sure that they are being educated before, during, and after their wax sessions. Talking about consistency and product knowledge is huge for her. She lets her guests know that when you take care of your skin while waxing, your hair will grow back thinner and the sessions gets easier.

Since being in the beauty industry, Viki has been able to meet a lot of people and experience new things. All of her guests keep coming back to her not because they love the wax session but because they feel like they can be themselves around her. Even though her guests always want to come back to her, she gets excited to see them again and see what’s new that’s going on in their lives.

When Viki isn’t working, she is either traveling to visit her boyfriend (wherever he’s at for baseball), trying to get to a beach, or spending time with her younger siblings. Owning her own business has given her the opportunity to do more of the things she loves and she couldn’t be more grateful for that.

If you have any questions or want to book a wax session with Viki, give her a call or text and she will help you out!

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