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Whitney Ervin


About Whitney Ervin
Hello, my name is Whitney Ervin, and I would be more than honored to become not only your hair stylist but also your Hair Trainer. I'm a graduate of The Salon Professional Academy located in Huntsville, AL (Redken Academy) where I received honors for reaching 4A in level system salon; one of the first Student Stylist to receive the honor. I specialize in repairing damaged hair and maintaining Healthy Hair no matter the texture, density, or length. I am not only passionate about the beauty industry, but I am also passionate about total wellness, which is important for both beauty and health. To ensure I am providing the best possible services for my clients, I attend monthly classes to increase my knowledge about current health and beauty issues, trends, and advancements. I strongly encourage my clients to communicate any concerns they have about their hair to me. I place a high value on listening to my clients because by doing so, I can determine the best hair care routine for their unique needs. As a Hair Stylist professional, each of my clients are a priority. I don't concern myself with quantity because in my salon, quality is the concern. I don't use products available at the local CVS, Walmart, or beauty supply stores. I only use higher-end products that have proven beneficial in long-term hair health (trust me, your hair will love you for being selective about products used for your hair care routine!). My ultimate goal is to educate my clients on their healthy hair journey, which may include conditioning treatments, penetrating shampoos, and intense moisturizers. Other areas of expertise include hair trimming, relaxing, and coloring as well as different methods used for hair extensions. When looking for that cosmetologist who is professional, passionate, caring, honest, and knowledgeable about healthy hair care; look no further.
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