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2020 started with a bang! For the past 20 days, we've celebrated the new decade with our #Sola2020 Challenge, and boy did we have fun seeing our #SolaFam celebrate with us! 

From studio shots to selfies to reasons why you love being your own boss, we've loved hearing from every single one of you sharing your goals to telling us about your studio name, and explaining why you love being your own #SolaBoss.

Check out some of our favorite #Sola2020 moments and join us as we look forward to the magic destined to be created this year within our Sola community.

At Sola, your workspace can also be your happy place ✨

With the power to create a salon environment that matches your personality, Sola gives you the opportunity to create your home away from home. Check out how @lokiestudio has decorated her salon haven. To say we are obsessed is an understatement!

Ain't no fam like your #SolaFam

Ashley Diskin from Yorba Linda, CA said, "I am incredibly blessed to have been a part of the Sola Yorba Linda family for the past year. I have forged lasting friendships, gained genuine clients, and continually feel empowered to be a strong independent business owner."

Michell Maust, owner of Shady Side Nail Gal in Pittsburgh, PA shared, "My #SolaFam is big, all of us are kind, fun and supportive of each other. I couldn’t love them more. ❤️"

"My second home. I'm able to go to my Sola fam to laugh, cry, vent, teach, give and take advice, give hugs and high fives. I think I'm the oldest of my #SolaFam and my door is always open for any of them. 🥰," said Patricia Tish Clark, owner of Phormula 708 Studio in Rochester Hills. 

It's your dream. It's your vision. It's your name on your salon ✨ 

Our Sola community shared the inspiration behind their salon name... 

  • "Steele Salon - my name, my brand, my vision 💙" - @beautybyrachelsteele
  • "Shear Madness; It’s a play on words and very fitting with my personality!" - @shearmadnessalicia
  • "Be Still Studio; Life is so crazy and we rarely get a chance to ever just 'be still' - so I hope my clients have that chance, even just for a couple of hours, to relax and be still." - @be.still.studio
  • "LeBelle Vie is my salon name. It means 'a beautiful life' in French. I chose it because that’s what I have as an independent stylist." - @sherylstanfordhair
  • "Salon Juniper is the name! I wanted something that felt fresh and green AND the Juniper tree is a California native (like me) tree AND the spiritual meaning behind the juniper tree is Transformation! How perfect is that!" - @ashley_nichole_hair_artist
  • "I am Studio Chaos; My life is a plethora of chaos and I myself am always a complete and utter chaotic disaster, but in the midst of all that, I somehow manage to produce some of the most put-together and aesthetically pleasing heads of hair 😍" - @colored.in.chaos

It's all about an attitude of gratitude 💙 What are you grateful for about being at Sola? 

  • "I am grateful for sola for so many reasons but the number one is the constant support you get from your Sola Family!" - @lavishlooksbylizc
  • "I am grateful for Sola because it allows me to have a flexible schedule that works for me and my family, I get to be my own boss and have the freedom to be the artist I've always dreamed of being. Not to mention a fantastic support system, and an amazing Sola manager who provides such a wonderful opportunity for us! 💙" - @gossamer.nail.studio
  • "It takes away all the stress of opening your own business because 90% of the groundwork is laid out for you! You have an amazing move-in ready space that all you have to do is make it your own. On top of that you have your own little business but with an awesome support system, and you can still meet and interact with all the other studio owners.....or just keep to yourself! There are so many great things about it." - @stacystylz
  • "One reason I am grateful for Sola is because of all of the resources they provide to make sure you win! Owning a studio at Sola just simply make you step your game up, you can’t lose because everyone around you is winning at Sola Salon Studios." - @famousfee

Wake up and smell the inspiration... after all, you are the boss ☕️ Why do you love being your own boss? 🙌✨

  • "Freedom to educate and create what I believe in. I love our unique space that guests can feel comfortable in no matter what kind of day they are coming from. You can't put a price on happiness, freedom, flexibility, and passion. I love that my passion can also me my career with no limitations at Sola!" - @hairby_aubrey
  • "My space, my music, my schedule, my services, my pricing, my choices!" - @the.traveling.hair.stylist
  • "I love being my own boss for the freedom of my schedule being a busy mom of 2! I also just love getting creative & being able to do things however I please so that I can run free with my creativity - which is how I came up with my custom signature style of lashes." - @lashesbyronda
  • "Being my own boss is a dream come true. My clients love the drama free and private environment. The clients have noticed how much happier we are. I can create better hair and provide a better client experience. Plus our neighbors are also client-focused so there is zero typical salon drama!" - @erin_enos_hair_

When I'm in my salon, I feel _____ ✨💙

We were absolutely blown away at the responses we got from the #Sola2020 Day Challenge, and it would not have been possible without the best #SolaFam we could ever ask for. Check out our @solasalons Instagram on Thursday, January 23rd for a full list of winners! 

2020 has already been so incredible and we can't wait to see what else this year has in store for us here at Sola!

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