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We often talk about how Sola is home to over 16,000 independent salon owners. In addition to our incredible group of beauty professionals, as a franchise brand, Sola is also made up of 160+ franchise groups who own and operate our 550+ locations across the United States, Canada and Brazil. On this episode, we dive into Sola's business model and give you a behind-the-scenes look into what makes our group of franchisees and managers so integral to the success of our community. 

To introduce you to our group of franchisees and managers, we are joined by Austin Campbell, one of the very first Sola franchisees who joined the brand in 2005. Since opening his first Sola location in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego, Austin and his family have since opened 15 Solas all across San Diego, providing salon homes to over 600 independent salon owners.

Listen, as Austin shares why he was first inspired to join the Sola family, what motivates him to continue his Sola journey and how he ensures the Sola professional always comes first. 

Austin describes how he has fostered such a strong Sola San Diego culture over the years and how the most challenging year they ever faced strengthened his community more than ever. He also discusses what makes our franchisees and managers so unique compared to other franchise brands. Austin believes that the real difference at Sola is the people.

Even after an extremely challenging year, Austin believes Sola has a very bright future. Because of that, his team has signed leases for more locations so they can continue to share the Sola Difference with beauty professionals for years to come. 

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In This Episode

[01:58] Welcome to the show, Austin!

[02:21] Austin shares why he decided to become a Sola franchisee.

[05:30] Austin speaks about always putting the beauty professional first.

[08:07] When did you know you were going to expand and open more than one franchise?

[11:40] Austin discusses how he has built community and culture over the years.

[14:27] Austin believes that how they reacted during COVID shows they walk the walk and stand by their people.

[17:26] The real difference at Sola is the people.

[19:53] Austin believes Sola has a very bright future, which is why he has signed leases on two more locations.

[21:52] How would you describe our community of franchisees and managers?

[25:20] Sola provides solutions to people's problems.

[26:02] What inspires you to continue on your Sola journey?

[28:58] Jennie shares how Austin and his family celebrate every new Sola pro.

[32:47] Thank you so much for being part of the Sola family.

[34:19] Thank you for listening!

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