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Above all else, a standout marketing campaign tells a story. And, visuals – simple graphics, memes and videos – are extremely effective devices for employing storytelling. That’s why we recommending using awesome images in your ongoing social media marketing.

Ready to create eye-catching content for your followers? We’ve got good news: There’s an app for that! Here are our top picks for apps that’ll have you blasting out compelling visuals in no time.

Pic Stitch

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Ranked one of the top 7 photo apps of all time by Mashable, this free, user-friendly app combines photos and videos into a single framed picture — and, you can even add music to your final product. Our suggestion? Try using Pic Stitch to create before-and-after sequences and photographic series that show off your best salon work.


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This photo-editing app is simple to use, free to download and extremely versatile, boasting a range of functions that allow for a highly customizable output. Whitagram’s popular with Instagrammers because it automatically adds a white border to uploaded photos, making them a perfect fit for the Instagram square. Don’t worry: You can change the color of the border or delete it entirely. Whitagram also enables users to edit photos with color tools and filters, and add text and stickers, too.

Split Pic

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Split Pic does triple duty, functioning as a photo collage maker, selfie editor and camera blender. Users decide whether to take photos or upload them; from there, you can blend photos to create stunning visual effects, or adjust images with editing options such as crop, rotate and color adjustment. The app also helps you collaborate with fellow stylists and business owners.


Visit Canva Website

Totally overwhemled with Photoshop? That’s not a problem! Touted as “amazingly simple,” this design software boasts a drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts that’ll help you create an array of images, including blog graphics, buttons and social media visuals.


Visit QuotesCover Website

If you’re looking to be more impactful on social media, consider playing around with QuotesCover, one of the fastest quote makers around. QuotesCover turns plain, boring text into beautiful quotable pictures for social medians. Added bonus: Use this fun tool to make e-cards, mobile wallpaper and high-resolution images for print design.


Visit PicMonkey Website

Thanks to this intuitive online photo editor, even novices can edit and touch up their visuals like experienced photographers. PicMonkey also allows its constituents to bring multiple photos together into a single collage, and arrange images with templates and pattern swatches before adding special touches with text, overlays, et cetera.


Visit PowToon Website

Modern audiences love video, and short broadcasts are so impactful that they’re practically flooding social media these days. PowToon makes it easy to create engaging animated videos with ready-made templates promising professional results in just twenty minutes.


Visit Over Website

Over’s aim is to awaken your creativity, and its easy-to-use app will essentially transform your mobile device into an on-the-go design studio. As a photo-editing tool, Over does it all: add text, choose your background and font, then save your product or submit directly to your social networks.


Visit Pixlr Website

Pixlr’s suite of photo-editing apps invites subscribers to make every moment beautiful. With an interface similar to Photoshop, Pixlr Editor allows folks to work in layers, replace color, transform objects — and so much more. With Pixlr Express, apply quick fixes and add personal touches with overlays, borders and other creative effects. There’s Pixlr Mobile, too, for on-the-run usage.


Visit Unsplash Website

If you can’t take the photo you need yourself, check out Unsplash, a photo archive app offering high-resolution images that subscribers can use however they please. According to Unsplash’s licensing information, its images aren’t subject to copyright, which means they’re yours for the taking — up to ten photos every ten days.

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