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Your social media following in any industry can either be a challenge or a triumph. For estheticians, it can be a bit more difficult because there are only so many eyebrows and after shots of facials you can show! One esthetician that is just killing it with content and engagement is Morgan Cameron, owner of Enlightened Beauty and one of our 2018 Faces of Sola. When you look at Morgan’s Instagram you see a cohesive, visually appealing, engaging story.

“I basically tell myself that social media is like my second job,” shares Morgan. “It’s the way that I brand myself and get new business. I make sure to set aside time every day to either take an original, authentic photo or post something on Instagram that will continue to engage my clients.” She adds, “Typically my posts are dedicated to invoke a feeling, share something spiritual, or show a before and after. I like to use my stories as a way to ask questions but I typically don’t do that on actual Instagram posts. However, I do make sure that I am liking or replying to all comments. I feel as though it allows your clients to feel you are reachable and dedicated.”

We asked Morgan to share 10 tips for using Instagram to grow your brand and increase your clientele. Here’s what she had to say.

1. Consistency: It’s so important to stay on top of things and be consistent. Posting at least once a day or 5 times per week is what I recommended.

2. Plan Accordingly: I find that pre-planning can definitely work and be helpful, however, I typically choose what to post daily or as I feel it. I feel as though authenticity can be felt through your posts so I save pre-planning for times I’ll be on vacation or too busy to put the time into social media.

3. Engage: I found the more you engage with your followers the more they engage back and that is the key to building an authentic audience.

4. Make it Relatable: It’s important to think outside the box. I see the same content over and over again on other estheticians’ pages. It’s typically a repost or generic photo online to convey a message. What your followers really want to see is something they can relate to—a photo or caption that evokes a feeling or emotion. I find that my most liked and engaged photos are always my before and afters, a spiritual or life quote, or an occasional selfie to allow people to see who I am.  

5. Create Balance: I make sure to have a balance between my original photos, quotes, and reposts. By doing this I've been able to create a large following, inspire other estheticians, and most of all, build my business.

6. Hashtags: Hashtags allow you to expand your posts to anyone who is looking for something specific. Make sure you’re always tagging and hashtagging your posts with relatable words. I make sure my hashtags are generic and local to where I live. The more words you have in a hashtag the less chance you have of someone looking up that one. For instance, if you're hashtagging a before and after of a skin treatment, use one like #skincare #acnetreatment #antiaging. Depending on where your business is located, use hashtags like #sacramentoesthetician #sacramentoskincare. Keep your hashtags basic but particular to what is pictured in your post.

7. Final Touches: I love to tag my original photos with my business name to ensure if someone reposts it, credit is given appropriately. I also use photo-enhancing apps to make my photos look crisp and detailed.  

8. Create a Vision: If you are having trouble getting followers, it’s important to create a vision of your brand first. Once you know your vision it’s much easier to stay inside the lines and future clients and followers will recognize that. The “your vibe attracts your tribe” ideal is very fitting when it comes to Instagram. If you stay unapologetically yourself, you will attract people that are like you and are on the same wavelength and therefore gain followers and clients.

9. Selfie Rule: Remember to save your sassy selfies for your personal Instagram. No one wants to see mostly selfies and an occasional esti-related post on a professional esthetician’s Instagram. Keep it professional and close to your brand.

10. Captivating Captions: Write your own captions and use emojis. People like to hear from YOU and emojis are esthetically pleasing and a way to keep someone reading.

Morgan is the only esthetician in our 2018 Faces of Sola and it’s for a good reason! She is a smart, savvy entrepreneur who is a wealth of inspiring, positive-thinking knowledge. We invite you to learn more about Morgan in 30 Facts About the 2018 Faces of Sola.

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