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Prom is big business. According to Fortune Magazine, the average American family spends $919 on prom-related expenses…including salon visits! Prom can be a great way to not only bump up your seasonal business, but also gain new regular clients. Here are some ideas that may help you increase your salon’s prom biz.

Pre-Prom Workshops

Primping for the big night starts weeks in advance. There are important decisions to be made about everything from hairstyles and makeup to dresses and accessories. Offer a pre-prom workshop several weeks before the big day to go over this year’s trendiest styles and teach a few hair and makeup basics. Offer the event for free or charge a small fee if you like, but remember that keeping the event affordable will increase attendees. At the workshop, explain what services your salon offers and provide special offers for people who make prom appointments right then and there.

Selfie Contest

Encourage clients to take selfies after their prom services, tag your salon, and use a specific hashtag. Incentivize them to show off their style by choosing winners at random to win awesome prizes like retail products or add-on services at their next appointment. This contest will not only give clients a reason to come back for future services, it will help establish your salon as an expert in prom beauty on social media. Which brings us to…

Be Social

Teenagers live their lives online, and they trust businesses with a strong social media presence. Post prom-related content on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram to show potential clients that you have expertise in this area. Offer discounts on retail or free product samples to clients who share your content on their own social media profiles.

Refer A Friend

The best way to gain more clients is through referrals, and that’s especially true with high school students. Offer a free deep conditioning treatment or a gift basket of sample products to both people when a prom client refers a friend for a prom day service.

Primping Party

Half the fun of prom is getting ready with friends! Offer a party package where prom-goers can enjoy fancy mocktails and chat with their friends while getting ready. One group of girls could book your salon for an entire day! And once they have experienced the awesomeness of your studio for a day, they will be back to reminisce!

Mini Appointments

Not everyone wants a full face of makeup or a fancy updo for prom. Offering mini-appointments that focus on one aspect like a smoky eye or blowouts is one way to gain more clients. Shortened time slots are also more affordable for your clients and allow you to see more customers.

Prom Packages

On the other end of the spectrum, you have girls who want the works. Make it easy for prospective clients who want hair, nails, and makeup done for the big event by offering a prom package at your salon. If you don’t specialize in all those services, invite one or more of your Sola neighbors to partner with you. Making it as easy as possible on the client will help ensure they not only book with you, but sing your praises, too.

Emergency Kit

Of course your clients look fabulous when they leave your salon, but several hours of dancing and fun can lead to a beauty meltdown. Put together a kit of travel-size products that prom-goers should have for last-minute touch ups, and offer it as a point-of-sale add-on.

Special Touches

Prom night is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a night to go all out! Stock up on some special accessories, glitter hair spray, and fancy lip-glosses. Offer your clients refreshments and relaxing treatments like aromatherapy hand massages. Make everything about the service extra special, and you’ll have the teens raving about you to all their friends. It might not get you more business this year, but next year, your salon will be the place to book.

Don’t Forget the Boys

Boys want to look their best for prom night, too! Offer barbering services like trims and shaves to help the boys get groomed for the big night. Show them how to use your styling products to recreate their look at home if they aren’t heading straight to the big dance, and send them home with the tools they need!   

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