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Tis the season for pampering your guests to make sure they feel beautiful and full of holiday cheer! Throughout December, you’ll most likely see all of your regulars as well as those who visit your salon less frequently – it’s important to provide the best possible experience to ensure you are top of mind as they enter the New Year! Just think, with a few extra special touches, you might even be able to get your more sporadic clients to pre-book their next few appointments!

1. Create a Festive Mood: From holiday decorations to a signature holiday scent, make your studio cozy and warm! Consider playing festive tunes as they arrive, then inviting them to put on the playlist of their choice.

photo props Vanity Beauty Lounge

2. Serve up a Holiday Goodie: Nothing beats a sweet treat this time of year! Consider baking your guests Christmas Funfetti Cookies or providing a Peppermint Bark Popcorn snack.

photo props The 36th Avenue by Desiree

3. Provide a Hot Beverage: Invite your guests to warm their hands on a crock pot Apple Cider or White Hot Chocolate. There’s nothing better than coming in from the cold to a delicious, toasty refreshment!

photo props TheFrugalGirls.com

4. Provide Special Offers: Design festive gift certificates and offer pre-packaged product baskets to incentivize your guests to share your salon’s holiday spirit with their friends and family!

photo props Lauren Proescher

5. Invite Your Guests to be Philanthropic: Everyone loves the opportunity to give back…especially during the holidays! Host a clothing drive or collect cans for your local food bank and ask your clients to bring an item to donate. They will love your heart of gold!

photo props Holly Santelli

6. Take (and Share!) Pictures: Take advantage of social media to make sure your followers know that the holidays are a joyous time for your salon too!

photo props Suite Nails

7. Send a Holiday Card: Use MailChimp or good old fashioned snail mail to send an uplifting message to your clientele. They’ll love a picture of you in your studio, wishing them a happy holiday on behalf of your salon!

photo props Sola Salon Studios

8. Holiday Plus Ups: As an extra special gift, consider throwing in a 3 minute scalp or neck massage, your treat! People get so wound up around the holidays – allow your studio to be a place for ultimate relaxation.

photo props Poppy Southend Salon

9. Help Them Plan Their 2016 Beauty Calendar: It’s a wonderful feeling to enter a New Year organized and prepared! Ask your guests what big events they have in 2016 and work backwards to help schedule all their appointments. It’ll take the work off their plate and guarantee you the pre-book!

photo props Mod Hair Salon

10. Give a Little Gift: Send your guests home with a small token of your appreciation! Consider tying a few product samples together with ribbon to introduce them to a fabulous, new retail item, or a branded trinket that will help keep your salon top of mind!

photo props Metric Hair Studio

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