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One of the many fantastic things about being a salon professional at Sola is having the freedom to customize your own salon space. Each Sola studio comes fully equipped with the amenities and major equipment you might need, including a high-end cabinetry package complete with plenty of storage options. From there, you can customize your studio to your heart’s content with paint, artwork, music and more.

As we learned from a visit to Sola Salons in Brentwood, CA, the creative and dynamic salon professionals at Sola are experts at bringing their own unique visions to their space. In walking the halls, we gathered tons of inspiration and are excited to share some tips and tricks for organizing and updating your salon studio this spring:

1. Add a Chalkboard

Chalkboards are an efficient and effective way to advertise your salon’s latest deals and services. Plus, it’s also an adorable decorating tool for those bare walls! Here’s an example of how Sola stylist Mindy Rodriguez of The Lather Lounge chose to decorate her chalkboard and space.

2. Create a Storage Space for your Robes

Sola cabinetry comes with an amazingly versatile set of tall cabinets, which can serve a variety of uses. Sola stylist Kristen Buchanan of KB Hair chose to dedicate a small part of her long cabinet to robe storage. She even labeled the front part of the cabinet for clients and provided a curtain in front of the cabinet for clients to change into their robes quickly and privately.

3. Create an Accent Wall

Have a plain white wall in your salon space that you’re not sure what to do with? A wallpapered accent wall is an elegant and eye catching solution! Redken is currently renting a space at Sola Salons Brentwood and they’ve created a fantastic, attention grabbing chevron striped wall.

4. Get Creative with your Color Drawer

Standard Sola cabinetry comes with a spacious, pull out drawer for stylists to store their color. However, some Sola stylists prefer to keep it in the larger vertical cabinet in a pull out drawer or out on display on the glass shelving.

5. Add a Touch of Whimsy

Many Sola stylists like to bring in a bit of their own furniture to help put their mark on their studio. Sola stylist Lizzie Jones wanted a bit more storage in her space for beverage options for her clients. She chose a teal cabinet with custom white knobs to brighten up the space. Not only does this cabinet give her more counter space, she now has plenty of room to store her adorable polka dot coffee mugs, jars of sugar and packets of tea.

6. Put in a Mini Fridge

While the top of the vertical cabinet is ideal for storing large bottles of shampoo and hairspray, it’s also a fantastic place to hide a mini fridge in your space. As Ken Hwang, Sola franchisee in Brentwood, told us, many of his stylists have chosen this option so they can provide cold beverages to clients.

7. Be Dramatic with Light

A bold chandelier will instantly change the dynamic of your salon space. Redken chose to use this romantic silver chandelier in their Sola Brentwood space. You can also consider adding a floor lamp or tabletop lamp to your studio.

8. Put Bluetooth Speakers in your Sola Shelving

As Ken explains, “many people put Bluetooth speakers in their shelving that they can control from their iPad. Because there’s an outlet in the shelves, they don’t have to have a big extension cord running down to the speakers. These are the little things that make a difference that have been designed into the Sola cabinetry package.” Brow stylist Shaila Paredes of Brows by Shaila has her iPad conveniently propped up with a Lucite holder to make changing the music on her speakers a breeze. There are so many other ways you can digitize your salon as well - click here for more ideas!

9. Create a Beverage Station

Being able to devote a small, dedicated area for clients to sip on coffee, tea, water or a soft drink is always a nice touch. Many of the Brentwood stylists have chosen a Keurig tea and coffee maker, which makes individual cups. Sola stylist Lizzie Jones has created an adorable space next to her teal cabinet for clients to relax.

10. Clean up Cord Tangles

The Sola cabinetry includes a tool cabinet with dedicated outlets to help keep your styling tools neat and tidy. Using the tool cabinet is a much better solution than tossing all of your hot tools in a drawer and dealing with tangled cords! Can you add to our list? What are some other ways to organize and update your salon space this spring? Let us know in the comments!

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