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Co-authored with GlossGenius

We know how many hats you wear as an independent salon owner at Sola--you’re an artist, a receptionist, bookkeeper, marketer and more. Over the years, we’ve seen what makes Sola owners successful. 

We’ve partnered with GlossGenius to create a cutting edge app designed to help supercharge your Sola business. All in an elegant, easy-to-use solution uniquely made for Sola, by Sola.

We recently caught up with eight SolaGenius rock stars to find out the ways that technology is helping them run their businesses more efficiently. From online booking to customer management to point-of-sale, there are so many ways that SolaGenius can help Run Your Sola Like a Boss. Here's 10 of them:     

1. Beautiful Branding Made Simple: We know that in the salon industry, beauty matters. Wow clients before they get to your studio with a simple and beautiful booking experience that’s all about you! SolaGenius helps build your outward facing brand with just a few simple taps.

“SolaGenius showcases my work, my brand and my culture! By partnering with SolaGenius, my customers do not get confused about what MY BRAND is because my booking page allows me to shine.” – Kim Bennett Horvath

“To top it all off, SolaGenius provides me with a beautiful webpage that allows my clients access to my social media accounts and my appointment book.” – Whitney Robinson

“SolaGenius helps me provide my clients a quick + easy booking and checkout process, while allowing me to make the experience unique by totally customizing my page!” – Kelsey Morey

2. 24/7 Online Booking That's Easy for Clients to Use: Cut down on client calls, texts and voicemails with 24/7 online booking that's highly customizable for your business needs.

“I travel more often now, so I truly feel I have an assistant who has my back! I love that my clients feel taken care of even when I'm not available to get back to them right away.” – Kim Bennett Horvath 

“SolaGenius helps me work smarter, not harder, by allowing me to customize all of the preferences in services and times, allowing clients to book themselves without any hassle or confusion. Once they book, I get a notification and it’s like I’m making money without lifting a finger!” – Bridget Machalick

3. Intuitive Calendar Interface: Say buh-bye to pen & paper. Create and manage the perfectly curated schedule by using the industry's most intuitive and advanced calendar.

“My SolaGenius calendar is my new "Go To!" I put everything on there. I even block out my daughter’s schedule – it has my whole day while I wear all of my hats, as a salon owner and a mom!” – Kim Bennett Horvath  

4. Automatic Notifications and Reminders: Keep clients up-to-date on upcoming appointments to cut down on no shows and cancellations with confirmations, reminders and follow-ups.

“The SolaGenius app has helped me in every aspect of my business, but my favorite part is it allows me more time with my family at night since I do not have to send appointment reminders, and my clients love the reminders, too!” – Crystal Romero

5. Client Notes: We know your clients are everything to you. AND that you can’t always remember all the little details. Save client notes, from color formulas to personal tidbits so you never forget a thing. It’s a genius way to keep your relationships personal, and your clients coming back!

“I love taking advantage of the NOTES! Once I inserted a recipe from a client in her notes just so I could remember. The notes are not just for formulas! You can revisit special things about your guests and it makes them feel special that you remembered.” – Kim Bennett Horvath  

6. Marketing: Shower your clients with updates and special promos with marketing via text messaging or email. Simple, yet powerful templates allow you to handle marketing outreach in minutes!

“The text marketing campaign is great! I love it and can quickly get in touch with my clients with specials or announcements. It saves me so much time and it’s definitely a income booster!” – Angela Barley

 “SolaGenius has changed the way I run my salon! I'm in love with the GlossUp feature which allows you to send promotions or notify your clients and one click!” – Brittany Alford

Find out how Kelsey Morris got $1500 worth of bookings in less than an hour using SolaGenius text marketing!

7. Point-of-Sale: Prepopulate your SolaGenius account with services and products to make checkout fast and easy. And forget the hardware, chip reader and WiFi. All you need is your phone to accept any payment, anytime, anywhere.

“I love that clients’ credit cards stay on file which means they don’t have to pull out their wallets. It saves us both time!” – Crystal Romero

8. Analytics and Reports: We've worked with industry experts to drill down on the numbers you need to know to work smarter, not harder.

“The analytics feature allows me to see my daily and year-to-date revenue so I can set and achieve business goals!” – Amanda Langhorne

“With SolaGenius, I’m now tracking my retail so much more efficiently. It's easier to now to take a deeper dive into that part of my business and explore new areas where I can set goals and achieve them.” – Kim Bennett Horvath 

9. Customer Experience & Support: To put it simply, we’ve got your back. Get the help you need via text, phone or email support. Getting started with SolaGenius couldn’t be easier since we'll personally help you transition so it's as easy as possibly for you. 

“When I first switched, I had numerous questions, and I'm happy to report that the tech support with SolaGenius was outstanding. They were always courteous and friendly, and if they didn't have the answer right away, they always got back to me quickly. Long story short, I love SolaGenius!” – Deanna Olson

10. Simple and Smart Pricing: 60 day free trial. $20/month Sola-exclusive cost. 2.6% payment processing. No hidden fees.

“The number one reason is I love SolaGenius is cost – there are NO hidden fees or charges, something I, unfortunately, got used to with my other scheduling software.” – Deanna Olson

Long story short, technology can help you focus on what you love more. You might even start loving the business details. Want to try out all these awesome features that Sola stylists are raving about? Check out SolaGenius.

Co-authored with GlossGenius

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