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Ah, Valentine’s Day… A holiday filled with sweet treats, beautiful flowers, and opportunities to show your loved ones how much you care. But Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Your business’s success depends on successful relationships with your clients, right? Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to strengthen those oh so important relationships…and of course boost your sales.

So if things are looking slow for February, don’t wait any longer to take advantage of a few pink hearts and feelings of amore to increase traffic to your studio! Your clients will fall in love with your salon with these easy and fun Valentine’s Day marketing ideas.

  1. Kiss Your Self(ie)
    Run a contest on your Facebook page, and encourage your clients to post selfie pics giving themselves a big kiss. Remember to have them tag your page and include your salon’s hashtag! Then give a special prize to one lucky contributor, but be sure to offer something to everyone who participates, even if it’s just a small discount on a future retail purchase. There’s so much hype around love on Valentine’s Day, but what about loving your self(ie)?
  2. Create a Gift Guide
    It’s not easy to come up with thoughtful and fresh gift ideas year after year. Help your clients out by offering a mini gift guide that suggests your products and services for different types of significant others. Share ideas for both men and women as well as different levels of relationships from just started dating to long-term relationship to married with children. Don’t forget to include a gift certificate option to come see yours truly at the salon!
  3. Last Minute Save
    Sometimes, holidays can just sneak right up on you. Put together a last-minute gift basket to help out the procrastinators. Include a nicely wrapped gift card with some product or other tangible token. And be sure to include a card for the purchaser to sign as well! Your clients and their significant others will appreciate the ease of buying a gift at your salon.
  4. All the Single Ladies (and Men!)
    Don’t forget about your single clients, either. Put together a pampering package and market it as a great way for them to relax and spend some much-deserved time and attention on themselves. Everyone needs a little TLC around Valentine’s Day, and nothing is quite like giving yourself some much needed love and affection! Consider hosting a Galentine’s Day party at your salon during the week of Valentine’s Day to invite your VIPs to shop special retail sales, drink champagne and enjoy meeting a few new peeps.
  5. Throw a Flash Sale
    Who says Black Friday is the only day for great discounts? Start a new trend by offering a Valentine’s Day flash sale on product you are trying to clear from your shelves. Don’t forget to add some festive pink, red and white décor to the shelves to make your special products stand out.
  6. Be Mine
    Sometimes the simplest gesture is the most appreciated. No matter what you decide to do in terms of promotions, make sure you let your clients know you’re thinking of them this Valentine’s Day. Send out a cute email blast to share your love and don’t forget to spread the word on Instagram and Facebook too.


5 Ways to Get the Word Out

Now that you’ve determined your Valentine’s Day promotions, it’s time to get the word out! Here are five ways to let current and potential clients know what you’re offering.

  1. Be Social
    Share and engage with all of your friends, family and followers online! Offer details of your promotions on all of your social media pages, and have link to your website for more information and to book now. Take lots of pictures of your retail displays and gifts galore and create a fun image to share your special holiday offers.
  2. Talk it Up
    Life gets busy, and your clients may not always have time to check out your website or social media for the most recent information. Spend an afternoon personally calling your clients to let them know what is coming up. Or send a simple e-newsletter or text blast! Be friendly and informative, and let your clients know that they can check out your website or call at any time for more info. Also be sure to talk about your Valentine’s Day offerings at appointments. When a client is with you for a service, you have a captive audience who is already interested in your salon. Talk about a target market!
  3. Take Out an Ad
    There are lots of inexpensive ways to take out advertising that can help bring attention to your business and help drive sales. Check out your local newspapers or magazines, or invest in a little bit of Facebook advertising. Either way, you will reach so many potential new clients.
  4. Tell the Neighbors
    Your Sola neighbors and other companies in the area are great people to think about partnering up with. Take a basket filled with small bags of hugs and kisses to local businesses who might be open to some cross-promotion. Attach details of your Valentine’s Day offerings to each little bag, and offer them as small Valentine’s Day gifts for their customers. Offer to do something similar in your own salon if they have an upcoming promotion they’d like to advertise. This could be the start of a great (and loving!) business relationship!
  5. Décor Amore
    Don't underestimate the power of simple advertising right inside your four walls! A festive and eye-catching retail display is a great way to market to those who are passing by your studio. Bring in some sweet treats to be enjoyed by your guests during the month of February…because who doesn’t enjoy a little candy and chocolates while getting pampered? Surprise your guests on February 14 with a little something extra, too. They will love feeling loved by YOU on Valentine’s Day.  
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