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Next time you need a quick burst of energy during a long and hectic day behind the chair, try one of these tips for increasing vitality – naturally! We guarantee you’ve never tried the potato trick listed as tip number 10 below!

Eggs and Cantaloupe

Your grandma was right: Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. And while you might already know that your body needs protein and carbohydrates to stay energized until lunch, we’re guessing you haven’t tried this unusual combination yet. When combined, eggs and cantaloupe have been shown to help sustain energy throughout the day. Experts also recommend chia seeds and potassium-rich spinach — a fatigue-busting remedy stretching all the way back to Popeye’s days.

Lighten Up

Think of sunlight as caffeine for your soul! Vitamin D is important — and not just for our immune systems, but for our energy stores, too. Experts recommend skipping the Vitamin D supplements, and spending 10 minutes in direct sunlight instead. Next time you’re dragging, sneak outside for a short walk. Even if it's cloudy, you should still get enough exposure to make an impact.

Stand Tall

Achieving optimal energy levels might be as easy as standing up straight. Yes, you read that right! Bad posture doesn't only make you look drained — it can make you feel exhausted, too. That’s because your body has to work extra hard when your joints aren’t aligned right, making you feel achy and potentially fatigued. Next time you’re tired, gaze down without straining your neck. Can you see the tops of your shoes? If not, that’s an indication that you need to work on your stance.

The Peppermint Fix

When you’re lagging on the floor, take a big whiff of peppermint, or toss some peppermint essential oils in your diffuser. The scent has been shown to increase alertness in studies done on tired drivers.

Supplement Your Reserves

You already know about Ginseng, that age-old cure for warding off fatigue. But have you tried taking magnesium supplements yet? The mineral is thought to combat that icky, run-down feeling, and even mild magnesium deficiencies might cause fatigue in some people.

Tap Your Thymus

Tap your what? The thymus is a lymphoid organ in your neck, below the collarbone and between the breasts. Your thymus produces T-cells for your immune system, and you can help stimulate production of those T-cells by tapping on the thymus with your fingertips for 20 seconds while breathing deeply. The action will help relieve stress while simultaneously boosting energy.

Nosh on Cactus

Commonly called prickly pear, the Nopal cactus can be a powerful cure for tiredness. You can buy the antioxidant-rich product at specialty and health food stores, and it comes fresh, dried, in jams, and in capsules, as a supplement.

Get Inverted

Feeling sluggish? Back-bending yoga stimulate blood flow to the brain, which might make you feel more active. When you’re feeling sleepy, the experts at Yoga Journal recommend trying postures such as bridge pose, camel pose, cobra pose, and downward-facing dog. Or, do a handstand against your salon wall! Click here for a few yoga poses recommended by yours truly!

Be Unproductive

All work and no play really did make Jack a dull boy. Acting like a grown-up every day can be tedious, and our bodies often register boredom as fatigue. That’s why mini-breaks can do wonders for your spirit and stamina. Go ahead and watch a cat video on YouTube, or daydream for a few minutes between clients. Indulging in these “guilty pleasures” can increase positive vibes that’ll make you feel more energetic.

Drink Your Potato Juice

Are you ready for this? In the natural heeling community, it is rumored that patients with chronic fatigue commonly have potassium deficiencies, too. For an all-natural cure for potassium deficiency, cut an unpeeled potato into slices, soak the pieces overnight, and drink the juice the next day!

Hold Your Fingers

An ancient technique called Jin Shin Jyutsu can be used to increase energy. In this simple practice, each finger is associated with an attitude, and practitioners hold their fingers to restore balance. Google “Jin Shin Jyutsu” to learn more. 

Try Cold Therapy

Cold temperatures support your body’s natural ability to produce energy. Don’t worry, you don’t have to submerge your whole body in ice water to get the benefits of cold therapy! For a daily cold hit, try drinking a glass of very icy water or – if you’re really beat – splash cold water on your face. Both activities will shock your body into alertness. 

Drink Yourself Peppy

Speaking of water, experts recommend carrying a bottle of it with you at all times. Many people become mildly dehydrated during the workday, and even mild dehydration can make you feel lethargic. Make plain water a little less boring by adding lime, lemon, or orange wedges — or brew a thermos of non-caffeinated tea to sip throughout the day.

See Red

The color red can trigger a fight-or-flight response that will spur action by transmitting jolts of energy. Hence, looking at something that is bright red can actually make you feel lively. Try hanging a piece of artwork with vibrant red hues in your salon, or wear something red to work. 

Jump Around

Remember how fun it was to jump on a trampoline as a kid? The big-kid name for the activity you loved as a child is rebounding, and some very successful entrepreneurs are rumored to do it on the daily. This low-impact exercise doesn’t just burn calories and improve heart health — jumping for a mere 10 minutes can also amp up endorphin levels, making you feel energized. Consider purchasing an exercise trampoline; they’re available at Target, in stores and online…and it would fit perfectly in your studio, giving you just the space you need to hype up between guests.

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