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We asked the Sola community to share their number one studio jam, and they delivered so much more than just one song! These days, so many people are tuning into music streaming services, like Pandora, that invite you to discover new music and enjoy old favorites. Pandora has one mission, to only play music you’ll love! So let us invite you to fall in love with a new artist, genre or song with these 25 Pandora Stations to Tune Into:

Prince (Funk / Pop) recommended by Jessica Foronda, Sarah Notaro, Malikah Washington and Francoise Davis   

Beyonce (R&B / Hip Hop / Dance Fusion) recommended by Helen Erickson

Thomas Rhett (Country) recommended by Jenn Lunt

Jazzanova (Smooth Jazz) recommended by Veronica Nettleton

Buddha Bar (Upbeat yet Mellow) recommended by Snowdrop Esthetics, LLC

Tori Kelly (Pop) recommended by Kendra Spann

The Eagles (Rock) recommended by Alayna Ditrapani and Mary Springer

60’s, 70’s & 80’s Hit Radio recommended by Courtney Mosmeyer

Justin Timberlake (Pop) recommended by Christian Griffin  

Janet Jackson (Pop) recommended by Helen Erickson

Bob Marley (Reggae) recommended by Kiara Mooney

Hipster Cocktail Party (Mellow / Peppy / Jazz) recommended by Melissa Hicks

Elephant Revival (Folk) recommended by Cheyenne Russell

Tween Radio (Pop) recommended by Violet Blossoms

Arcade Fire (Indie Rock) recommended by Adrianne Goins

Frank Sinatra (Jazz) recommended by Mary Wick-Fruciano

Thievory Corporation (Dub / Reggae / Electronica) recommended by Colleen Kent

Eisley (Indie Rock) recommended by Amanda Fagan

Adele (Soul / Pop) recommended by Jaz Stratton

Van Morrison (Rock) recommended by Kelly Robbins

Elle King (Soul / Country / Blues) recommended by Gerri Lynn Gudmundson

Sam Smith (Pop / Soul / R&B) recommended by Dyanna Hough

Coffee House (Mellow) recommended by Dell Martinez

Earth, Wine and Fire (Rhythm and Blues) recommended by Arjorie Arberry

Lana de Rey (Baroque Pop) recommended by Amber Pinkham

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