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4 ways to keep your clients coming back for more featured image

There is a popular old business adage that empowers entrepreneurs to focus on customers that really matter. It is called the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule states that about 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients. The rule indicates that if we focus on the most active 20% of our customers and clients, they will generate 80% of our income.


Client retention is your salon’s ability to retain customers. For client retention, it is best to focus your energy on pleasing those 1 in 5 customers who return again and again, as they generate the majority of your business.

Here are some tips on improving client retention:

1) Create Good Rapport

First and foremost, you want to create good rapport with your clients. Show up as a trustworthy, reliable and caring ally and they’ll be coming back just to see you! It is loyalty, long-standing relationships and client satisfaction that truly make the study foundation for a thriving business.


Establish good rapport by asking about something you remember from your client’s life. Ask how their kids are doing, how school has been, or even something more unique, like, "Where is the last place you’ve traveled?" Or, "Have you seen any good live music lately?"


2) Promotions

Create promotions that keep clients coming back for additional services. Offer discounts on special packages. Some ideas include:

  • A free blow out with a client’s next haircut if they book at the end of their current appointment
  • Free nail designs on one nail if you are booked on a monthly nail maintenance schedule
  • A package of three spray tans for the price of one

The idea is to get them booking and committing to further services in order to create return customers and customer loyalty.


This is also an opportunity to introduce clients to services or products of yours that they have yet to experience. Maybe you have a client that loves getting her eyebrows waxed but didn’t know that you are the best bikini wax in town. Try offering her the first bikini wax free if she agrees to book another appointment after she loves the results. Turning a customer into a loyal multiple service client is better than one-off customers that come sporadically for one service every several months.


3) Ambiance

Your Sola is an oasis for clients to experience personal maintenance, beauty pampering and even personal transformation. Make sure the setting matches these goals with some aesthetic updates for style and comfort alike.

If your clients are drawn to the way that your space makes them feel, they’ll be more eager to keep coming back for more. Sometimes it's the little things - incredibly soft towels, a chocolate candy, a steamy cappuccino, or a wonderful array of magazines that keeps them feeling cozy and comfortable to return to your space again and again.


Our favorite way to refresh the energy in a space is to follow these Marie-Kondo-inspired organization tips for freeing your space of unnecessary stuff. When you’ve finished clearing out stuff, look to these easy tips for decor on a budget to make your salon look and feel as beautiful as your work.

4) Booking and Follow Up

Are you making sure that booking is easy, seamless, hassle-free? Or is your best booking channel an informal and poorly timed text message?

If clients have a hard time booking, they will simply be less inclined to make the appointment. Make sure to use a user friendly booking application/platform or plug-in on your website. We recommend SolaGenius to keep track of your schedule and ensure booking is accessible.


Returning clients should be able to book an appointment online in under 2 minutes. The ease of booking speaks volumes about the first impression for a beauty service experience. The ease of a booking platform can also encourage returning customers to purchase other enticing services. This serves as a brilliant way to remind clients of your fabulous offerings that they may not be as familiar with.

The best booking applications will automatically send reminders and updates for appointments to your client. They can get automated emails or texts reminding them of their appointment in advance. This ensures your clients show up and allows you to maintain a positive ongoing relationship with reliability and follow-through.

Remember: 80/20!

Remember that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. Focus most of your time, energy and attention on your clients that are generating the most revenue for your business in order to keep them happy, coming back for more, and purchasing additional services.


Of course, you’ll always want to give new customers and all clients your fullest attention and premium service. However, they should not take priority over your more loyal customers. This client base forms the foundation of your business. When they are happy, you are supported. 

When you focus on keeping clients coming back for more, you will spend less time on finding new leads and more time on what really matters - your craft, your relationships and your business operations.

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