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So often in life and in careers, people look back and think, “I wish I knew then what I know now.” Professionals in the beauty industry are no different; but luckily at Sola, our community values community over competition. That’s why our successful independent salon owners are so excited to share advice they wish they had been given when first getting started.

Here’s some advice from our Faces of Sola to future generations of beauty professionals:

1. Discover Your Passion

The opportunities are endless in the beauty industry – but it can be hard to narrow down exactly what area you want to specialize in. Carlisha Duffey, natural and curly hair specialist and makeup artist, recommends new professionals “try various areas of the industry.”

Toronto-based stylist and color specialist advises, “Learn as much as you can about different skill sets while you’re in school. Although at first you may not like certain services, the fundamental skills you develop when practicing these techniques are the building blocks for every modern process that exists today. Knowing these and mastering them will help you in ways you can’t even imagine and will elevate your expertise in whatever specialty you pursue.”

2. Never Stop Learning

Your education doesn’t stop once you are licensed. Tish Clark, Matrix educator and owner of Phormula 708 Studio says, “After receiving my license, I still needed more education and I will always need it because this industry is always changing.”

There is endless education out there – artistic and business-focused – and there are educational opportunities for every learning style. From videos, to blogs, to podcasts, to live events, there are options for every professional to further your skillset and success in your career.

P.s... if signing a lease at Sola is in your future, we offer endless education on the Sola Blog, the Sola Stories Podcast, Sola Sessions events and on our Sola Pro App (exclusive to Sola professionals.)

3. Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor when you’re new to the industry is huge. A mentor will help you stay focused on your goals, elevate your skillset, and help you meet new people and make connections to eventually further your career. Plus, everyone could use a cheerleader in their corner!

Tish shares, “I wish I had gotten a mentor...someone to bounce ideas off of. Find someone to hold you responsible, and uplift you, because there are going to be some challenges.”

4. Define Your Boundaries

Setting boundaries is something that many beauty professionals struggle with. Setting and sticking to boundaries is so important for your mental health, physical health and overall career longevity. Do your future self a huge favor and set boundaries from the start.

Katie Oakes, owner of Hair by Katie Oakes based out of Savannah, GA says, “Work-life balance is hard in this industry... learn to plan your hours, days weeks, say no when you’re burnt out, plan vacation and time off in advance and stick to it!”

5. Give Yourself Grace

Tish admits that being new to the industry can sometimes make you “second guess and compare your work.” But – you shouldn’t! Nailing down a new skillset, whether it’s an artistic technique or a new social media platform, takes time and you should always be patient and give yourself grace. Celebrating the small victories helps, too!

Want to know more about what it takes to go independent? Download our Guide to Going independent and see if the #SolaBoss life is for you!