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With the height of wedding season upon us, the spring/summer months can be an exceptionally profitable time for stylists. There is nothing a bride-to-be appreciates more than feeling taken care of through the chaotic process of wedding planning, particularly when it comes to how she’ll look on the big day. With the intimate nature of boutique salons at Sola, our stylists are in a fantastic position to gain bridal clientele. A Sola stylist can offer specialized and private services a larger salon may not be able to offer. Here are a few helpful tips to increase your business during wedding season:

1. Make your bridal services known and visible on websites and social media.

Advertise your bridal services on all of your social media outlets. If you’ve already started to build up your bridal clientele, create content for your social media by snapping photos of finished hairstyles or finished make-up and nails, depending on your service offerings. On your salon’s website, create a page devoted entirely to detailing your bridal services along with pricing and any photos you’ve collected. Be sure to use social media strategically - follow local bridal services in your area on Twitter and ‘Like’ them on Facebook. You may just gain some new followers and some new clients!

2. Network with local wedding photographers and wedding planners.

Weddings aren’t just profitable business in the styling industry. Wedding planners and photographers are also very busy during this season. Establishing relationships and connections within your local market is a fantastic way to drive styling business your way. If you don’t necessarily know any wedding planners or photographers, it can be tough to get started. But do your research - find local wedding businesses to follow on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t be afraid to send out inquiry emails. The more you put out there, the more likely you are to get back!

3. Participate in a bridal show.

Sign up for or attend a bridal show at your local convention center or event space. A booth where you can display all of your content - photos, brochures, even any video of your work you’ve acquired - is a fantastic way to gain clientele. Brides to be and wedding planners flock to these sorts of shows and will leave armed with your business cards and brochures. Meeting you face to face at the booth is also a fantastic way to sell yourself and your services. Of course this will involve spending a bit on sign up fees and marketing materials, but the slight investment could be well worth the reward!

4. Never underestimate the power of referrals.

Above all, word of mouth will keep clients walking though your door. Offer an incentive program for referrals - perhaps offer past clients who’ve given out your name 10-20% off your services or even a complimentary salon service. Send your happy clients away armed with some of your business cards to distribute. Testimonials from satisfied clients are always a great idea as well. They can be used on your website and social media to help promote your salon.

5. Develop wedding packages with other Sola service providers.

Do you have a nail technician down the hall or perhaps a makeup artist or massage therapist right next door? Talk to the other Sola professionals in your building and find out who else is in the wedding biz. This could be a great opportunity to develop a few inclusive packages and refer business to each other. This will allow you to enhance your offerings so you can provide a multitude of services at a “one stop shop” for your brides-to-be and their bridesmaids. As a stylist, what are some creative ways you’ve been able to market your wedding services? Can you add to this list?

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