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Even when you absolutely love your job, certain workdays can be long and tiring. Being an independent salon owner, your hours likely vary from day to day. Depending on the needs of your clients, a particular day in the salon might start quite early in the morning or end much later at night. It’s important to take care of yourself in order to stay strong in mind, body and spirit – all of which affect your salon business. We all need a bit of help sometimes to keep up our stamina, particularly for those of you on your feet all day. You need all the energy you can get to provide the best services possible to your guests. Here are 5 tips to keep you healthy and energized in the salon!

1. Eat Regularly

Standing on your feet all day can zap the energy right out of you. In addition to eating a filling breakfast and lunch, munching on healthy snacks throughout the day will keep your blood sugar up. Avoid energy dropping carbs as much as possible and instead opt for easy, high fiber snacks like apples and peanut butter, raw almonds, fresh raspberries or Greek yogurt. Let yourself take just a minute in between clients (when possible) to enjoy your healthy snacks.

2. Pump Up the Volume

Fun, upbeat music is one of the best ways to keep your mood uplifted and your body energized. Make playlists of the songs you love, several of them! Make one for each mood and consider saving the slow songs for when you're winding down at the end of the day. Have you checked out our latest Sola playlist?

3. Take a Break

One of the many benefits to being an independent boutique salon owner is the ability to create your own schedule. If you know your energy tends to dip around 2 or 3 pm every afternoon, try scheduling a break in between clients. Get outside, take a walk around the block and breathe in some fresh air. The environment can play a huge role in your mood, and sunlight can help to bring your energy level back up. When possible, be social with your neighboring salon owners down the hall. A good conversation and a few minutes outside of the salon will help you feel more awake.

4. Stretch it Out

Take a few stretches, bends and twists to help improve your blood circulation. This will ultimately re-awaken the body and give you a nice energy boost! Stretching is both relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time and will help increase your energy level if you’re feeling sluggish. It’ll also help to relieve any midday stress and anxiety to keep you inspired for the rest of the day.

5. Stay Hydrated

Stay away from those sodas and guzzle as much water as you can. If you need a late afternoon pick me up, skip the coffee and opt for herbal tea or hot water with lemon. In addition to keeping you energized, there are a myriad of benefits to drinking enough water including improved kidney function, combating muscle fatigue, promoting weight loss and hydrating your skin. Dehydration can cause sleepiness, so when you’re feeling fatigued, try chugging a glass or two of water – better yet, drink water all day long! As a stylist, what do you do to stay healthy and energetic throughout your day? Let us know in the comments below!

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