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5 ways to tell your clients %22i love you%22

While Valentine's Day is intended to celebrate love and romance, it's often that it can leave many who don't find themselves in a relationship to feel isolated while the rest of the world drowns in heart-shaped chocolates and oversized teddy bears.

But at Sola, we prefer to use this time of the year to celebrate all kinds of love of, from romance to universal love; like the kind you feel for your clients! So we put together some great ways to make your studio feel festive for Valentine’s day and to show your clients the LOVE!

1. Everyone Loves Chocolate!

The best part of this holiday? Chocolate. Hands down. And trust us, your Facebook Status doesn't need to say "In A Relationship" to indulge in the sweetest part of Vday. 

An easy way to show your clients the love and make your studio feel festive is to put out a bowl of Valentine’s inspired candies. Anything red and pink will do, and many companies actually make Valentine’s Day themed candies. There are red and pink Hershey’s Kisses packs, red and pink M&M mixes, and those adorable heart-shaped Dove chocolates that are a Valentine’s Day staple. Or maybe you want to make it extra special with beautifully boxed chocolates.


Take a stroll down the candy aisle at your favorite grocery store and you are sure to come across a fabulous spread of Valentine’s themed chocolate. Nothing beats a salon visit with chocolate.

Candy hearts are always fun too - but be sure to put them in a bowl with a spoon to keep hands and germs out of the candy bowl.

2. Show them the Love on Social Media

If it’s on-brand with your salon's Insta-aesthetic, post something personalized and genuine about your love and gratitude for your clients and community with a heartfelt Valentine’s Day post. You can put a photo or video to your feed and/or Story with messaging around all the reasons you love them and your job.


Pro Timesaver Tip: If you just want to post once but have it post across both Instagram and Facebook, make sure your accounts are linked to one another. Start by posting your photo or video to Instagram. When you have completed selecting the content and are about to post, there is a button to click on for posting the post or story to your Facebook feed. This will auto-post the feed or Story to your Facebook Wall or Facebook Story, so you only have to do it one time!

3. Galentine’s Cocktails for the Ladies

The Valentine’s Day message can hit women a bit harder than men in terms of pressure from corporations, social media and peers. This doesn’t discriminate based on whether you're single or in a relationship. If you're part of a couple, the expectations to out-do the other couples can feel overwhelming and if you're single, the holiday can feel lonely and isolating. So, it never hurts to show the ladies a little extra love. Offer your Galentine’s a cocktail, mocktail or wine during their service in the month of February. Think red and pink: red wine, cosmopolitans and grapefruit mixers to make it festive.


4. Offer a Couple’s Promotion 

Find a way to get your clients' significant others in for a salon visit in the month of February. This can be a great way to attract a new loyal client who is already affiliated with your current clientele. For example, offer clients a promotion if they send their partner in on Valentine’s week.

This might include a discount for significant other’s haircut, a bundled package (i.e. 2 for 1 waxing, or buy one facial, get the next at 25% off). This can be a Valentine’s gift for their partner and a new client for you. If you own a salon that has two chairs and/or stylists, you can even offer couple’s haircuts, massages, pedicures or whatever else might feel enjoyable as a pair celebrating love on Valentine’s Day.

5. Celebrate Singledom!

Offer a promotion for what the Internet refers to as “Singles Awareness Day” - aka the day after Valentine's Day. This day is meant to be a celebration of the single life. So what can you do to make your single clients feel pampered? Offer a self-care promotion, like an add-on service or a 10% discount for clients who are living the single life.

Bonus: This year February 15th is a Saturday, so they’ll love a little extra styling for weekend plans. Try bundling services that will make them feel the love - maybe a blow out with a haircut, or lash extensions coupled with brow styling, a heart flair nail - get creative and have them feeling the love!

For whatever promotions you do, be sure to market them. Sometimes just the invitation and thought behind the gesture is heartwarming, so it benefits all of your clients to let them know what you have going on. A few ways you can get the word out are:

  • Create a small poster or sign to advertise the promotion and post it to social media so that your clients are in-the-know
  • Use SolaGenius to email and text about the promotion
  • Text clients personally that love to dish about either their relationship and/or single life



Most importantly, relish in the love of this holiday and don’t let the Hallmark cynics take away the heart of the matter - you can’t go wrong with some mid-winter love and cheer!

We would love to see photos and hear stories about any Sola Valentine’s displays, inspiration, and promotions - use the hashtag #SolaLove for reposts!


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