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6 steps to turning your dream salon into a reality

You’ve been dreaming about owning your own salon, about the flexibility and autonomy of being your own boss, in a place where YOU get to make all the decisions, including setting your own schedule, picking what products to carry, and decorating the space to fit your personal style. Sounds pretty good, right? Follow these six simple steps to turn your dream of salon ownership into a reality.

Step 1: Choose Your Location

Ideally, your new salon should be close to your current salon and to where your clients live. It’s also a nice perk if that salon is convenient for you as well. Consider a place conveniently located near major intersections and within shopping centers and retail areas. This means access and parking will be easy and amenities will be nearby—a real plus for clients! Check out all our locations here.

Step 2: Set Up Your Systems

When you’re on your own, you’ll have new responsibilities, from managing your appointment book to understanding your numbers. Consider working with a salon business technology app (hint, hint...SolaGenius) to help you keep track of the details. It should include features that allow you to accept bookings 24/7, manage clients and track their history, streamline your personal calendar, build a following, accept payments, access analytics and run reports. It’s so important to put the right systems in place so you can work smarter, not harder. Salon software has been designed to increase the success of independent salon owners by increasing client retention, frequency of visits and productivity through features like text and email marketing, automated reminders, client note keeping, and analytics and reporting.


Step 3: Pick Your Products

When you’re the boss, you decide what fills the back bar and the shelves. Products play a huge role in building your salon culture. Develop a relationship with your local sales rep; he or she will keep you informed about specials and new product intros. And don’t overlook access to education and ongoing support—these are things that’ll keep you at the forefront in a fast-paced industry.


Step 4: Get Down to Business

Before opening shop, you’ll have to obtain salon and sales tax licenses and file your trade name registration. Once the legal requirements are met, you’ll decide the services you’ll offer and your hours and pricing. The Sola blog on solasalons.com has tons of information to help you form your business entity.


Step 5: Create Your Environment

For many beauty professionals, the most exciting thing about salon ownership is creating an environment that reflects their personality. It starts with choosing a salon name and decorating. When you’re ready for finishing touches, hang your artwork, set up speakers to play the music of your choice, or put up a television. Remember, it's you and the experience you provide that drives repeat business.


Step 6: Spread the Word

In today’s fast-paced market, tapping into marketing and social media is essential to the health of every modern business—especially small businesses. Set up a website page where clients can learn more about your salon and access contact information and a booking link—Sola provides this to you at no cost! Use your website to post plenty of photos of satisfied customers, add how-to videos, offer product recommendations, and run promotions on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Want to learn more? Download our Guide To Going Independent to discover if salon ownership is right for you!

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