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You’ve been dreaming about owning your own salon, about the flexibility and possibility of being your own boss. A place where YOU get to be the boss and make all the decisions, including setting your own schedule, picking what products to carry, and decorating the space to fit your personal style. Sounds pretty good, right? Follow these 8 simple steps to turn your dream of salon ownership into a reality. 

Step 1: Gut Check

Self-motivated stylists choose salon studios for a variety of reasons: to create their one-of-a-kind salon culture, build their clientele, grow their business, and enjoy the freedom and benefits of salon ownership. Sola Salons empowers stylists by alleviating some of the risks associated with entrepreneurship, providing retail opportunities, furnishings, equipment, state-of-the-art technology, and, best of all, brand recognition. Starting your own business in a salon studio doesn’t require a huge investment, but you will need creativity, courage, and a loyal clientele.


Step 2: Location, Location, Location

Ideally, your new salon should be within close proximity to your current salon, and to where your clients live. It’s also a nice perk if that salon is convenient for you as well. Sola Salons has locations all across the US and Canada, which for the most part are conveniently located near major intersections and within shopping centers and retail areas.

This means nearby amenities (a plus for most multi-tasking clients) and, also, visibility for attracting new clients. Contact your local Sola to get all the details. Really, it's that simple! Schedule a tour and get ready to pick out your new home away from home.


Step 3: Set Up Your Systems

When you go out on your own, there are additional responsibilities that fall in your lap, from managing your appointment book to understanding your numbers. Consider implementing technology to help you keep track of the details. Get started with SolaGenius: our cutting-edge app designed to streamline and supercharge your Sola business! Let SolaGenius help you accept bookings 24/7, manage clients and track their history, streamline your personal calendar, build a following, accept payments, get analytics, run reports, and more. When you go out on your own, it’s so important to put the right systems in place so you can work smarter, not harder.


Step 4: Pick Your Products

When you’re the boss, you decide what fills the backbar and the shelves. When you’re picking products, look for benefits associated with certain lines. Don’t overlook access to education and ongoing support — these are things that’ll keep you at the forefront of our fast-paced industry.

At Sola, our goal is to help you succeed as an independent salon owner. That’s why we partnered with BeautyHive to create a more efficient online shopping experience that will keep your backbar and shelves fully stocked, with perks that make the #SolaBoss life even sweeter. They even offer amazing perks, like Sola-exclusive deals, same-day shipping on most orders, free shipping on orders of $99+, up to 4% back on every order, and more!


Step 5: Get Down to Business

Before opening shop, you’ll have to obtain salon and sales tax licenses and file your trade name registration. We know this sounds scary and it isn’t exactly as exciting as choosing your salon name. But, don’t worry! Sola’s comprehensive start-up manual makes the process easy by providing requisite forms and information.

Once the legal stuff’s done, you’ll have to make a few more decisions about the services you’ll offer, your hours, and pricing. This is the fun part where you get to decide what you want your business to offer...it's your salon, after all!


Step 6: Create Your Environment

For many beauty professionals, the most exciting thing about salon ownership is creating an environment that reflects your personality. You want your space to look and feel like you, which starts with choosing a salon name and decor. Paint colors, for instance, help to establish a mood.

When you’re ready for the finishing touches, hang your artwork, set up speakers to play the music of your choice, or put up a television if you prefer to watch sitcoms or the news. Don’t forget, you’re the most important aspect of the salon environment, and it’s the experience you provide that drives repeat business.


Step 7: Spread the Word

In today’s fast-paced market, tapping into marketing and social media is essential to the health of every modern business — especially small businesses. To make it easy, Sola provides you with your own webpage where new clients can easily find you, learn more about your salon, and access contact information and a booking link.

Make sure to link put your booking link everywhere so clients can find you, no matter the social media platform. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Twitter are all great places to start. 

Check out the Sola Blog for tons of marketing tips! Getting social prior to your move is optimal so you can announce your new salon’s opening and get current clients psyched. Once you’re in your new digs, use social media for what it is: a powerful marketing tool capable of bringing in new clients.


Step 8: It’s Go Time

From the moment you step foot through your door, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom to live the life you love. Consider providing a welcome gift to your clients, such as a travel kit or samples tied up with a ribbon, as recognition of their support and loyalty—to thank them for following you and being a part of your new business endeavor. They will love celebrating and being a part of your success. Then, take some time to revel in the tremendous accomplishment you’ve completed! Because let’s face it. You can either go to work, or you can be the boss.