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Are you looking for a way to find new clients and build your book of business? Look no further than BookNow by SolaGenius. This feature matches you with clients on solasalons.com giving you more visibility and scheduling power than ever before... Think of it like digital walk-ins 👋

What exactly is it?

The BookNow feature powered by SolaGenius is a powerful online search and booking engine that will connect clients looking for services with professionals at Sola that offer them! This is included in your monthly subscription. 

How Does It Work?

  • Show Up in Thousands of Searches: Thousands of new clients can now search for services on Sola’s homepage. If you’re on SolaGenius, your business will show up when a new client looks for services in your area!
  • Get Matched to New Clients: Through your availability and services, you’ll get matched with clients so they can learn more about your business.
  • Bring in Bookings: Client books! Appointments automatically get added to your SolaGenius app so bringing in bookings is easy

How will my business benefit from this?

The BookNow feature has been specifically designed for those looking to build their book of business by helping them get discovered, matched, and booked by new clients searching for services. The BookNow search engine is front and center on the Sola homepage solasalons.com, so that means your services can now be front and center across thousands of searches a day by new clients looking for them. With a single, quick search, booking in a few simple clicks, and instant text confirmations, clients can easily book your services in under 2 minutes!

Will my clients have to sign up for BookNow?

No, BookNow makes it easy for them. This feature shows clients what appointments are available in real time. They will not need to download an app or create a username and password in order to search the database.

Why am I not showing up in BookNow?

  • Online booking must be ON You'll need to have online booking turned ON to show up in the BookNow search results since this feature is based on online bookings. To turn on or check your online booking settings, open the GlossGenius app > Settings > Booking Controls & Notifications > Online Booking Settings. To show up in searches, you'll need Disable Online Booking -- to the left and no color.
  • Get Discovered in Sola Search must be ON. You'll need to have the option to be discovered ON to show up in the BookNow search results since this feature is what links up with Sola's search. To turn on or check your website settings, open the GlossGenius app > Settings> Website. Scroll all the way down to Get Discovered in Sola Search and toggle it ON -- to the right and color.
  • Add services You'll need to have services in order to show up in BookNow results to match what clients are looking to book. To add a service, open the GlossGenius app > More at the bottom right corner > Services. Tap the [+] icon in the top right corner of the screen to add a service.
  • Note: Use simple names for services that clients will be searching for. For example, use 'Haircut' rather than 'Deluxe Celeb Cut' as clients are unlikely to search that specific keyword. To improve your search results, focus on simple descriptions and service names!
  • Add a Business Location Set a business location by opening the GlossGenius app > tap the Settings gear icon in the top right corner of the Dashboard > Business Details > tap Business Location > Fixed Location > enter your address.
  • Add Business Hours Ensure your availability is updated by entering your business hours! Open the GlossGenius app > Settings > Business Details > Business Hours. Then, enter your schedule. Use personal time blocks to further manage your availability. You can read more about managing your calendar here.

How do I improve my ranking in BookNow? 

​The BookNow search algorithm takes into account a number of factors in listing search results! The more complete and up-to-date your account information is, the better! To improve your ranking, here are a few quick tips:

  • Add an About section. Clients want to know about you! Your 'About' section is a great way to a personal touch on your booking website. 
  • Add photos to your gallery. Since potential clients have many choices when it comes to finding businesses, showing off your talent and experience is an important part of your success. Our gallery feature helps you grab people’s attention and emphasize your creative strengths. Go to More > Gallery icon to start. You can also access it via Settings> Website Info > Portfolio.
  • Build up your reviews. Reviews are a powerful way to attract new clients! We make it SUPER easy to receive reviews from your clients after their appointments. Learn more about collecting and sharing reviews.

What If I’m a Sola Professional but not using SolaGenius?

There are many benefits that you are missing out on! If you’re not using SolaGenius, you’re not eligible to get matched to new clients since the services and availability you have are not known. We highly recommend you start - it’s a wonderful all-in-one solution for your business at Sola!

​​Is there any extra charge for this?

No - It’s all included in your low monthly subscription price of $20/month. Click here to sign up!

This post originally appeared on GlossGenius