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At Sola, you simply get more. Since 2004, when the first Sola location opened in Denver, Colorado, Sola has been changing the game for independent salon owners. It’s our mission to focus on what’s best for you, so you can focus on what’s best for your business. In other words, we want you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. But what does that actually mean for you as a business owner? We broke it down for you...

Be In Business For Yourself...

Being in business for yourself means that you work for the best boss in the world -- YOU! That means you call all the shots. You have control over your services, your products and your clients! Use the products you love to create the results you and your clients both love.

Keep 100% of the profits you make 💯

If you’re doing 100 percent of the work, why would you not keep 100 percent of the profits? Keep up the awesome work, and keep the money, too!

24/7 studio access to create a schedule that fits your lifestyle 🔑

Between building a career, family, vacations, kids and any time you can squeeze in some much-needed “me-time” … it can feel nearly impossible to balance it all. But when you are the boss, you have the power to create your schedule to work for YOU - allowing you to have a work-life balance that is incomparable! Rachel Giannopoulos (@houseofblondestudio) loves the freedom and flexibility she gets at Sola, exclaiming, “I literally have 24/7 access to my studio!”


Could it get any better?! Yep. Privacy! Full floor-to-ceiling walls and sliding doors give you the opportunity to nurture client relationships with one-on-one conversations and zero distractions from others. You have the opportunity to provide unique touches for each client - from a favorite beverage to a favorite song - you're free to create and adjust the atmosphere of your salon. Kim Bennett (@kimi_kisses), Sola’s first beauty professional has enjoyed the freedom and benefits of salon ownership at Sola for 15 years. She says the intimate setting allows her to be able to “focus solely on my business and simply not the walls around it.”

Not only do you get your own private space, but you get to decorate it too! Choose decor that reflects your taste and we’ll supply the paint! Choose your own artwork, furniture, music and even your salon name!

(@melissauntangled) (@kaylauntangled)

But...Not by Yourself

While working for yourself and being your own boss sounds great, it can also be extremely overwhelming...especially in the beginning. At Sola, we make the transition to salon ownership seamless by providing move-in-ready salon studios alongside all the educational resources, cutting-edge technology, and support needed to run your own business. When you first get started on your Sola journey, you will receive a comprehensive start-up manual with everything from licensing documents, tax information, marketing tips and more. You will also receive professional liability insurance to make sure your business is protected.

Sola Support

Sola Pro: Our free app for all Sola professionals provides inspiration and education at your fingertips! Want to watch educational videos that range from business and marketing to inspiration and motivation? Or maybe you're more interested in the latest exclusive deal from your favorite brand or checking out what local classes are coming to your neck of the woods. You can get all that and so much more in Sola Pro!

We also offer tons of free webinars ranging in topics from marketing and social media to KPIs to How To Raise Your Prices – all available to watch on-demand in the palm of your hand in the Sola Pro app. Diana Karim (@dina_hairstylist) says she loves how Sola gives, “a ton of helpful tips, tricks, and lessons for the business side.”

And Diana’s not the only one who uses Sola’s educational resources to boost her business. Rae, owner of Manes and Mascara Salon said she loves the Sola Blog to help her stay on top of her business game. We have a new blog post every Wednesday, chock-full of business, marketing and social media tips, inspirational success stories and so much more!


Your own webpage on solasalons.com

As a Sola professional, you will have your very own Sola webpage on www.solasalons.com, which you can easily customize in Sola Pro with a descriptive bio, an image gallery, contact information and hours, as well as an online booking button (for SolaGenius users).

“Sola makes us accessible to reach from their website” - Gabriela H. (@gabrielas.the.salon)


Sola’s all-in-one scheduling and payment processing app has the lowest rates in the biz! Available to Sola professionals for just $20/month, meet your new digital personal assistant. SolaGenius’s features include 24/7 online booking, a simple calendar interface, notifications and reminders, text message marketing, client notes, analytics and reports, and reliable customer support. Run your Sola like a boss with SolaGenius! Click here to learn more about SolaGenius.

Let Us Help Fill Your Books

In January 2019, we rolled out our revolutionary online search and booking engine, called BookNow, to help drive new customers to our Sola pros.

How does it work? Think of it like Open Table for beauty services. We drive tons of traffic to our website (like millions of people…) who are looking to book an appointment with a beauty professional. Then, when they come to solasalons.com they can search by location, date, service and availability and browse our directory of hairdressers, nail techs, estheticians, massage therapists, barbers, etc, (who use SolaGenius) and they can book right online, 24 hours a day. SolaGenius takes care of the business for you leaving you to focus on what you love most. 

Sola Sessions

We know how important education is to continue growing in your career. So we created the Sola Sessions, which are Sola-exclusive education events with some of the industry's most influential artists and educators. At the Sola Sessions, held twice a year around the country, our community is able to network with fellow Sola professionals, gather valuable takeaways to elevate their business and craft, sip cocktails and snap selfies with some of their idols and mentors. Plus there’s swag – lots and lots of swag 🙌


To top it all off, all of our franchisees and managers at each Sola location go through extensive franchisee and manager training to ensure you are always taken care of. Whether a pipe bursts, a toilet clogs, or you just need a pat on the back to remember someone believes in you – when you’re at Sola, you’re part of a community who loves you back.

Ashley Jensen (@love.at.first.cut.by.ashley), posing with franchisee Austin Campbell and manager Chris Gonzalez, said she loves,  “Being an owner but also knowing you're a part of a community.”

But it’s not just the franchisees and managers who have your back. Myra King-Kerge (@victorandgrace) recognizes she also has a community of nearly 15,000 independent salon owners she can turn to. “It allows me to be my own boss, but provides a support network of other amazing stylists,” she said.

The community of Sola salon owners are there to help each other learn and grow. Join the #SolaFamily and discover how the support from Sola can change your career and your life!

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