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Booknow one year later featuredimage copy

One year and 4,500+ bookings later, BookNow has changed the game for Sola professionals. Last January, we launched our brand new online search and booking engine for clients to be able to search, discover and book appointments right on solasalons.com any time, anywhere. 

Since launching BookNow, our SolaGenius users have been able to…

Get Discovered: They appear 24/7 in local, real-time search results that match their clients’ desired services and availability.

Get Booked: Clients can book in a few simple clicks with automated text message appointment confirmations.

Stay Full: SolaGenius users all over have been able to grow their clientele with the added visibility BookNow brings. With Sola’s targeted ad campaigns driving traffic to our website, it’s like digital walk-ins!

But don't just take it from us. Hear what our SolaGenius users have to say about being fully booked...

"The intangible aspect of me being fully booked is really just me being able to express my creativity without thinking about anything else, or without being burdened by anything else. The more fully booked I am, the more productive and creative I can be.” - Rachel Swire, Salon Cabelo, Atlanta GA (@rscolornerd)

"If I’m a hairdresser that’s booked 100 percent of the time, I am 100 percent sure that my return on revenue is going to support my life and my lifestyle and be able to keep me in business.” - Patrick Daniels, Patrick Knows Hair, Chicago, IL (@patrickknowshair)

Having a full book and being busy it inspires me to work harder and be a better hairdresser.”  - Gina Looney, GLM Hair Designs, Wilmington, DE (@glmhairdesigns)

It’s important to be fully booked because you don’t want to have a lot of down-time in between your clients. That’s all just time that you’re not making money, but you also can’t go home and spend it with your family.” - Chris Matthew, Dillinger’s Hair Company, Garden City, NY (@dillingershaircompany)

Getting a full book was something that I have dreamed of, and when I moved to Sola and started using SolaGenius, my clientele tripled. It saved time for me to be able to spend with my family. I’m no longer staying up until midnight texting people back trying to book their appointments. My clients actually feel more comfortable being able to book online.” - Gina Looney, GLM Hair Designs, Wilmington, DE (@glmhairdesigns)

My clients can go online and book appointments which is absolutely wonderful. All I have to do while I’m on vacation, or if I’m home with my kids, is press ‘approve’, and it’s done! There’s no corresponding, or voicemails, or text messages anymore. It truly has changed the game for me and I’m truly living the life I love now!” - Ashley White, Ashley White Studio, Granger, IN (@ashleywhitestudio)

Are you ready to be fully booked?

Still on the fence? Check out these killer stats from the last year...

Since launching BookNow, we...

  • Added 1,500 new SolaGenius users 
  • Drove over 4,500 bookings
  • Generated over $50,000 from client appointments booked 💰

Find out for yourself how being fully booked can be transformational for your business and your life 🙌 Sign up for a free 30-day trial today! 

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