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Britt Seva has made a name for herself as the social media and marketing guru for hairstylists. You may know her as the mastermind behind Thrivers Society, her proprietary coaching program where she has helped over 10,000 stylists and salon owners build wealthy businesses and lives behind the chair. To say we are thrilled to have Britt join us as a keynote speaker at The Sola Sessions Reconnected is an understatement!

We couldn’t wait until Monday, May 17th to learn from her, so we invited Britt to connect with us on the Sola Stories Podcast to share some marketing fundamentals that will improve your business and your life. So, the question is, are YOU ready to thrive?

Here are 4 things we learned from Britt Seva, plus a sneak peek of what you can expect from her keynote at The Sola Sessions:

Do The Work

You’re not going to be a marketing mastermind at the end of Britt’s 45-minute keynote presentation, “but you’ll have the framework and actionable steps and structure that will get you inspired to put in the work to get the results. Make that investment in yourself! Put in the time and effort to be where you want to be.”

We all know the feeling of leaving an event like The Sola Sessions, buzzing with energy and reignited with passion. But after a few days, that buzz is going to wear off. Make sure you leave each session, keynote and panel discussion with key takeaways and actionable steps written down because that is how you will bring the magic and valuable wisdom to life back in your salon.  “What are you actually trying to apply to your life and business? Take the time to decompress and do the work!”

Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure

Fear gets in the way of success. Don’t get in your own way! “You’ll never reach the next level if you don’t make mistakes. You have to start somewhere. Be messy and go through the journey to become powerful. Confidence comes from education. Confidence comes when you’ve already put in the work.”

Britt compares your journey as a salon owner to beauty school: “None of us knew how to formulate the day we joined beauty school… that takes years. So, we’ll gift ourselves years to learn formulation, but we won’t gift ourselves years to learn marketing? Marketing is a part of our industry. It always has been, but it’s crucial now. The cool thing is, it’s faster and easier to build a clientele than it ever was before, but there is some fear with that. There’s a large learning curve.”

But how do you actually overcome the fear? “Just show up. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Show up, learn, observe.”

Change Your Social Media Mindset

It’s easy to get caught up in the world of social media, and comparing yourself to every single account or person you follow can quickly turn into a negative experience. Change your relationship with Instagram (and all social media) and stop thinking in a comparison mindset. Britt suggests using an analytical brain while you’re scrolling, even if you’re looking at captions.

“If you look at captions that you know are powerful, that you know gave you an emotional reaction, start asking yourself, ‘Why did I feel that way?’ Instead of using social media as a viewer, engager, and observer - use it as a student.”

(Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash)

You’re Not Alone

“What I wish I knew going into entrepreneurship is that business isn’t meant to be built alone. You need to create a powerful network for your mental health, your mindset, and your growth and development.”

The best way to do this, and learn something new every day, is to expand your network and connections. “This is an incredible industry full of amazing people. Put yourself out there because you’ll find an incredible tribe to lift you up – I wish I knew that earlier.”

The Magic of the Marketing Funnel (Sneak peek of Britt’s keynote!)

There’s a common misconception about marketing, that it’s like throwing darts at a dartboard and you simply hope something works and hits. Britt knows marketing doesn't work that way, especially in the beauty industry.

“There is a formula for it. It is a step-by-step path that will create regular clientele flow. There truly are 6 layers that I can show you – the formula for attracting the right clients who will stay, be retained, and send referrals. It doesn’t have to feel like throwing darts at a dartboard anymore.”

Britt is thrilled to show you a true system that you can count on for decades to come. Trust us...you do not want to miss this game-changing presentation!

Want more from Britt? We sure do. Join us and Britt Seva on Monday, May 17th at The Sola Sessions Reconnected. Grab your ticket now! 🎉